Guess who is appearing in this week's Sexiest Man guessed it MB!! Check it out...Magic Mike's!!!!

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Thanks for info Gail and just as well MB is in it or there would have been a delegation marching on the People's Office  !!! lol


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Will go find it and check it out!!  Go MB!!! Thanks for letting us know Gail!!!

Robin in MD:) 

Thanks Gail for the info!  How could he not be in it!!!

Love Eileen

For REAL Eileen. I say they have excellent taste!!!!! :)

Robin in MD :)

"The Insider" tonight Showed a brief segment of the People Mag it was interesting what MB had on!!!!!!!  HOT!!!

Love it Sylvia. Whew!!!!! Tractor trailer of ice!!!!! Go. MB......Now he can wear that outfit in concert!!!!!!

Robin in MD:):):):):):)

Hey girls,

    Here I work in a retail store now, and as I mentioned looking for this today, I got busy and 4-got all about it...but at least now I know what to look for....he looks Nice & yes Sexy:)! LOL! I hope I don't 4-get tomorrow! Thanks 4 that pix!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Also put this in the Favorite Photo thread for us all to enjoy, but things over there are getting pretty hot!  (I left the ice truck there)



Wow. Cool photo!!!!

Just found out something by accident and wanted to let those of you who are subscribers to People magazine know that if you go to and click on magazine.  It asks if you want to activate the digital issue of people.  You have to set it up with a username and password but after you get in and you scroll through the digital magazine you will come to a page starting the Sexiest Men and click on Magic Mikes.  On Michael's there is a link to a bonus video and it is the photo shoot for the picture in the magazine and Michael is talking.  If I figure out how to bring a link over I will but it looks pretty protected.

Speechless!!!! LOL

Amazing photo of our Magic Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... Gail, a video... I am not a suscriber... =(

Sounds terrific Gail and as I am getting a copy of The People, sent from Tulsa, I hope link works in the UK !! LOL

Can I just let you know folks that I have deleted the "copied" pictures I posted on here and elsewhere on the forum because as Gail rightly pointed out those could have carried copy right problems and we don't want that on here !! :)    Thanks Gail for thinking of that !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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