Wow, Michael thankyou for coming to Perth and thank you for the musical journey that you took us all on last night, it was amazing and I can't wait for you to come back.

My night started when I saw you in the foyer, yes I was the woman sitting on the chair reading a book.  I looked up and thought I know that guy and then realised it was you. I have to tell you that it was funny watching the other females go all girly while I still sat there reading lol.

Thank you once again, words are just not enough.


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so Wanda can you give us some details, what did he sing etc
Kim he sang a bit of everything, it truly was a musical journey and an amazing one at that.
Oh ok cool, really eager to know how much of the new album he is doing :)
I would guess that the music would change depending on where they are, but for us perthites he sang one song from his new album. But will be interesting to hear what he plays when you see him
Hi Wendy
Great to hear from you so it all went well?
Did Michael appear to be enjoying himself because we do want him to come back don't we :)
Watching the news here nothing on there yet
6 more sleeps for me
Good to have you here
Love Dianna xxx

Oh yes he was having a ball, and it showed in his interaction with the audience and his sense of humour is brilliant. and a big YES we do want him to come back
I am so sorry Wanda I called you Wendy I was just so excited to see someone finally post on the perth concert
BTW welcome to the forum
I'd love to see him as much as possible I am so looking forward to the concert
Did he sing Nessun Dorma Wanda I would love to hear that live
Once again Sorry for my mistake
Love Dianna xxx

Ha Dianna ,i can feel the excitement from here .Cant wait to hear how you get on xx
I know Sharon I am so excited I am nervous
I know that sounds strange!!!!
Love Dianna xxx
Not strange at all Dianna!!!:)
Dianna it's not a problem. And yes he did sing Nessun Dorma and it was intense, his voice is just so strong and clear. I am still in awe of last night. You are so going to enjoy his concert. and thanks for the welcome, it's good to be here.
Thanks Wanda
I can hardly wait
I am going to LOVE this concert it has been so long in coming.
Enjoy the forum we do and you will meet some lovely people on here that's for sure
Love Dianna xxx


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