Hi guys,
Here's a link to my pictures from Michael's concert in Henderson, Nevada (Sept. 18). They're on my Flickr site.
Click on the small pictures to go to the full-size pictures.




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And if you missed them, here's a link to my pictures from Tuacahn, Utah, last spring.


Fantastic as always...I love MB's expression in the last one of the two of them at the mic. How was the concert itself? Gail
Hi Gail,
I posted my review in the

2010 Concert Tour Reviews thread.


Jan your pics are wonderful as always. Thanks for sharing them with us all here!!!
Robin in MD :)
Thanks, Robin! You're welcome! Glad to share!
What a beautiful venue! And, as always, Jan....your pics are awesome!! Thanks for sharing them!

Hello Jan, Thank's for sharing this fantastic photo... Michael as near as this : all members dream about this position ! Wonderfull work, really ! Thank's again ! Bye BD
Hi Jan.....loved your Henderson photos. I was at that concert but had lousy seats!!! I was soooooo upset. I had front row but far left and I mean FAR!!! But I just had to be patient because I was for sure going to the stage after WAMLAW no matter what to make up for the seats!!! I would love 2 of the photos...one where I am giving him a LAFD baseball hat and the one where the hat is under his arm and he is getting ready to shake my hand. I am not computer saavy at all so please let me know how I could get those photos. I have heard about Flicker but that is about the extent of knowledge :/

Thanks so much,
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Great pictures and thanks for the reviews!



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