Hi Everybody,


Finally! It took 4 hours to load these photos on photobucket! lol over 100MB.


Enjoy them, copy and paste them, BUT DON'T SAY YOU TOOK THEM! (Don't mean to offend anyone but this has happened to me before!)


Some of the photos are different to those pasted on facebook, as l could do these in one go, mainly pics of the girls!


Nearly forgot the link!




Best wishes

Carol (London)

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Fantastic photos Carol, you're obviously a talented photographer. I had a few good ones but unfortunately I can't sit still when I hear his music and so most of mine are a little blurred even though I have a decent camera!!. Thanks for letting us see them.


Hi Carol! Your pictures are all...again sooooo good!! I specially wanna Thank You for these two ones, just love

them, as You know, lol!
Hi Jaana,

I knew the flag was yours thats why l took those pics! lol

Hope you enjoyed your few days in Surrey, the sun is now shining and its hot! we are so not use to that in England!

Best wishes
Carol (London) xx
Carol, thanks soooo much, simply amazing photos!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot, Carol !!! Wonderful pics indeed
Take care
I've uploaded most of mine to my facebook account now but will be adding them to the gallery on here.

I did manage a few good ones, but was really cross with myself that I didnt ake my professinal camera along.

Still, as I packed the night before because I wasnt sure if UI was going, I dont think I forgot anything too drastic!

Lovely photos Carol. Very well done.

Just for the record....I've pinched all of them and will be passing them off as mine....is that ok? Ha Ha!!

Doesnt matter that we were sitting on opposite sides of the stage, we still managed to take the same photos???? Ha Ha Ha!!!

Only kidding honest sweetie. XXXXX

Love Jennifer XXXXX
Jenn think we were all copying(and sharing ) from each other but at least not claiming they are our own.Fab pics Jenn ,you really have a good eye .xx
Lovely photos Carol, dosen,t he look cute and adorable with those curls.
Thanks for sharing
Sandra xx
thanks for the pictures carol they are fab as normal .i love the group ones they are great theres just one thing missing me :( .never mind i had a great time with what time i did manage to spend with you all xx

HI Helen,

Yep you were missing......and missed. It was graet to catch up with you later though...even if your feet were killing you!! as l've got older l realise...... l can't do heels, not that l don't want too.... my feet just won't let me! lol

Love to you, Jade and the rest of your family. Hope your dad is doing ok.

Carol (London)
Hi! Just loaded (made an album) mine to the facebook, have a look those there, lol! As I told I had problems when I tried to make an album here!?? I'm trying that again...later!
Jaana xxx
Fantastic photos Carol, I loved looking through them! All great! Just missing is your name or copyright on the pics, would be nice if people do copy and repost them that viewers know where they came from! oz.x


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