I was just wondering how many were planning on going to the Portsmouth NH concert?  I was thinking of buying a ticket but they don't really have much left - he's pretty sold out (which is good).  Anyone familiar with the Music Hall and the seating in it?  How are the balcony seats? 

Thank you,  love the reviews.


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Hi Patty and welcome to the forum. I hope you decide to go to the concert and grab one of those remaining seats. I live in Tulsa, OK so unfortunately I will not be attending in New Hampshire. I hope you have found someone to go with you but attending by yourself can be a great experience too. I checked out the venue by the way and it looks to be a fabulous one for a concert :). The main thing is to not miss out on hearing MB perform live in concert :). If you do attend please come back and post a review if you like. Good Luck.....Kathy T. :)
Never been to the music hall. It is in downtown Portsmouth. There is parking on the street but it's metered parking. There is a garage nearby which is what the music hall website reccommends. Wish I could go, but no way to get there:(

Thank you everyone for your help. 


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