I am having mases said for Michael, this concert to Germany has to be difficult for him, especially in the month. 

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Hello Carol, we don't forget to pray for Micheal and his familly too !!! Don't worry... Bye BD
I'm not sure I understand what you mean Carol?

I understand that you are praying for Michael but why is it difficult for him being in Germany this month?

Can you explain more please?

I love the idea of praying for him though and do own up to that fact that I have been including Michael and his family in my prayer box during this tour.

love Jennifer XXX
Hello Christine,

I know only too well how hospitable the German people are. They are so freindly and welcoming.

I have no qualms that Michael will be well cared for whilst he is there.

Love Jennifer XX
Perhaps, becuase hes been ill?


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