Some of you are having trouble signing into the forum so you can reply.  You should be able to read without signing in so wanted to tell you I've given this problem to the web people but have figured out that you can sign in using IE or Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome won't let you sign in at this time.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Gail

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I am signed in now on Google Chrome. I was not able to log in the other day tho.


Robin in MD :)

Must try Google Chrome again and see if it works now for couldn't get it to work little while ago but I've managed to get back in using Microsoft Edge now although it too didn't work few hours ago.  Keeping fingers crossed Google does work because do not like Microsoft ... oh NO !!!!!!!! LOL

I've just tried to access through Google and it still won't let me sign in .... these gremlins must be getting some rate of overtime for what they've created this time !!!! LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I am signed in on Google Chrome now  I was able to sign in yesterday as well  I was also able to sign in earlier this week  I never had a problem 


I still can't get in using google chrome on my computer but I cleared my browsing cache and it did allow me in for a bit then kicked me out so no clue!!

Hi again, I am being kept logged in here on my Win10 laptop using Google Chrome but now my Samsung Phone won't let me log in either.. It's Google too.. GRRRRR  I need to try on my older computer but I run Chrome on both.

I don't like the Edge browser so I loaded Chrome on the newer system too.  

I hope they get this all worked out soon.  Driving us all crazy!!LOL

Robin in MD :)

I'm now able to sign in to chrome and IE so hopefully everyone can.

Still can't sign in using Google Chrome (have just tried to) only Microsoft Edge.  Also I'm not getting any notifications from the website at all as didn't realise any of you had been in here ... thought all was quiet, now I will need to check the threads !!!!! LOL

Sylvia  YWSF 27

I am able to be signed in on both laptops on Google Chrome. But not my phone which is also Google.  I give up on that for now posting via my phone


Robin in MD :)


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