Hi, all! Does anyone know the program of the concert? With the bonus songs?

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Michael has a set list for his shows but he does change it at times during the actual show plus he can change the order songs are sung in but here set list from his Denmark show on 27th July which was, more or less, exactly the same in Bremen on 29th with only order of songs being slightly changed.

Stand By Me

To Love Somebody

Dock of the Bay


You Don't Know Me

I've Got A Woman

That's Life

Sweet Home Chicago

Old Time Rock 'n Roll

To Make You Feel My Love


Ain't No Mountain High Enough

The Prayer



Steel Bars


Hope that is what you are meaning and what you are asking for Iris ???

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


many thanks for the answer! Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Unfortunately I forgot the order of the songs for my Playlist again. I am also very sad that he has not sung one of my favorite songs "Soul Provider". I thought he might have played it as an encore, but the audience suddenly ran out and the concert was over. But it was great! He just sings wonderfully! Even if he came to my mind quite reserved. But I do not know him and it was my first concert of him. The man at the saxophone was in any case super and made a good mood. The ticket was not exactly cheap, but nevertheless at any time again!

Unfortunately Michael doesn't sing "Soul Provider" too much these days as was dropped from set list a few year's ago.  Michael only ever does one encore and "old time" concert goers know and that is why they leave.  His saxophonist is Jason Peterson DeLaire if you want to check him out.  He has a website and is on FB and Twitter as well as Instagram.  Jason has a new single of his own out called "Downtown" and it is a catchy and lovely tune and it is doing rather well in the various charts.  So glad you enjoyed the concert Iris and glad to hear you will go back to another.  Michael has said he will be doing a full tour of Germany next year but dates and venues haven't been announced yet.  Keep checking on here for as soon as everything is confirmed, for the tour, Gail will post details on the MB Dates Added thread as well as adding to the Events Section on the main page here.

Hope you enjoy everything on the website and continue to enjoy Michael's music .... take care Iris !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Oh, thanks for the information! Great that he will be coming back to germany next year! Hopefully back in bremen so I do not have to go so far. So sad about the great song "soul provider". At the moment is "invisible tattoo" my favorite song, but that changes with me also constantly after feeling. Am excited about every news! On instagram he seems to post photos regularly. Is he looking at this fan website? I think twitter and facebook make other people for him, right? Love greetings Iris

Hope you get plenty of shows that suit next year Iris and you enjoy each and everyone,  hope so !! :)

Michael doesn't come on here to the website .... he may look in on a personal basis to see what is going on but not officially !!! LOL  He still does look in on FB but I believe, because of volume on there, he does have help.  On Instagram, as far as I know, Michael posts the pics himself and then shares them to Twitter which is something you can do when you post pics to Instagram.  He is on Twitter and where you see answers to tweets, from Michael, that is him, or at least, I believe it is him and will continue to do so.

Take care Iris !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


It is him!! ;)

Thanks for confirmation Gail, thanks !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend



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