I have a question...or sort of a survey really.  How many of you would be interested in purchasing or bidding on older items of Michaels. T-shirts, CDs, old fan club newsletters and magazines, etc.  MBC has the opportunity to get these but aren't sure of the interest to raise money at this time.  Most of the long time fans have all these items and others have gotten them from ebay, etc. So before they decide whether to take an offer given to them they wanted me to check to see if there would be any interest.



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It would be a great opportunity to buy or even bid on some of the stuff that the girl is give MBC to raise money with. Could we maybe get a list of stuff she are donating to MBC ? Thank you gail for letting us know.

Your friend from South Africa


Hi Gail,

I would be interested to see what is offered.  I have been a fan going back to 1986 or so, but was not in any fan clubs.  All I have from way back is cassettes, albums and more recently tour books.  I have gotten a few things on eBay, but not that much.  I would have to see what the items were before I could say if I would bid or not.  But would much rather give to MBC than eBay that's for sure!



Gail, that sounds like a great idea, but I have alot of stuff from the "old days"..but I am sure alot of people would be interested,, I would rather see people buy it to support the charity rather than buy it on ebay!! 


Hi, I would also be interested Gail. I have some things but would love to add to my collection. I would feel more secure buying things this way and know my money was going to support MBC.


Love Deb :)





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