I've found out that the new tour books that can be bought at Michael's concerts now have a section of answers to some of the questions asked on the main page.  I have a list of those who's questions were answered..is there anyone who has this new tour book and willing to type up the questions and answers for us?  I've asked management but with all that is going on they aren't able to get it to me right now.  These are the people who's questions were answered:


Sylvia from Canada

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Yes Silvy,
There is a new tour book on sale at the concerts and yes, Michael has answered some of the questions that we posted on here.

But sadly, no, your question was not one of the ones that Michael answered.

Only the names listed here Sylvia from Canada, Sandra, Ktja, Christine, Sylvie, Helen, Linda, Rocio, Manel, Shannon, Bill, Anna and Pauline had their questions answered by Michael.

Love Jennifer XX

PS Wouldnt it be a lovely touch if Michael personally signed a tour book each for the ones who had their questions answered and sent it to each of them?
I wish he would sell the tour books on line as well.

Thanks Jennifer for the bad and the good news.

Hi again Jennifer, I think there might be a small chance the names were misspelled because Katja’s name was misspelled and maybe Sylvia from Canada was misspelled, so I don't want Silvy to lose hope… And yes, I do agree that a signed copy of the tour book would be a nice touch! :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Aaah, yes, that is true Sylvie from Canada.

We shall all have to wait and see. I shall keep my fingers crossed for all Sylvies, Sylvias and Silvy's that it was your question that Michael answered. Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XX
Jennifer that is a beautiful idea a signed tour book
I would love to get my hands on one of those
Here's hoping he's back in Australia soon :)
If not I will probably get one though e-bay I guess
Love Dianna xxx
I dont mind picking one up for you in November Dianna and can post it to you if you like.

That is as long as you dont mind waiting until then?

I'm happy to do that for you Dianna.

Love Jennifer XX
That would be great Jennifer
Thanks so Much
We will work out the cost later and details
Love Dianna xxx
ME Too!! This is great!!! Thanks Gail!!!! Can't wait to get one!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Oh my god, this is just fab news, thanks Gail for posting this, can,t wait for November to get this new tourbook.
Looks like my name is on there, though there is 1 other Sandra that posted, so I don,t know for sure.
Thank you so much Michael, if you answered one of my questions, can,t wait to see the answer.
Love Sandra xx
Hi Christine, I'm happy for you that Michael answered one of your questions! I love the idea of a personalized copy of the tour book, but since Michael is pretty busy these days, I'd settle for the opportunity to get it signed in person... :D But seriously, I'm just personally just so honored that he picked some of our questions... God bless him... Take care Christine and let's keep our fingers crossed that someone comes through with the answers! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
I don't have a copy of this tourbook but there are some members here who have been to concerts recently and maybe they can enlighten those of us who don't have one or won't be able to get one anytime soon. Gail
Some of the fans here went to Nashville, Houston, Biloxi....anyone get this tourbook? Gail


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