I've found out that the new tour books that can be bought at Michael's concerts now have a section of answers to some of the questions asked on the main page.  I have a list of those who's questions were answered..is there anyone who has this new tour book and willing to type up the questions and answers for us?  I've asked management but with all that is going on they aren't able to get it to me right now.  These are the people who's questions were answered:


Sylvia from Canada

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Thanks so much Gail!!! You are so sweet! Can't wait to get the book in November! Hugs

Love Eileen xoxo
Thanks a lot Gail for publishing this!!!!. And thanks Michael for taking the time to answer and being so kind to include these questions in your tour book.

I would also love to be able to buy Michael's merchandise through this website.

Hi Rocio, aren't you going to the RAH this year? Juliet offered that if anyone of us wanted something, we could ask her and she'd buy it and send it to us and just ask for the price of the item and postage. Isn't this forum great? Good to know we can all help each other... Take care Rocio. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks Gail
Well how's that
Bill question was answered as well
Thanks Michael
Love Dianna xxx
THANKS Gail, Appreciate it... Some we've heard about before but some are new!! Great questions guys!!!
Robin :)
Thanks for not making us wait until we bought our copy of the tour book at each of our concerts!

Anna :o)
Wow! That's great. I am so thrilled that Michael answered my question. Can't wait to see Michael and to get the tour book when I go to the Royal Albert Hall in November. Thanks Gail. x
Hi Michael, Would you ever consider co-writing a song with someone new to the business, with no history of successful songwriting yet? It has been my dream to co-write a song with you and have you sing it to me. I write lyrics and would to have you compose the music for one of them, your choice.
You all will LOVE the new tour book. I bought mine at the Lancaster concert and the photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I need to buy a new t-shirt at the Laughlin concert on Saturday...yippee!!! My last one in the S.California series :(.....awwwww.......will have to wait for other sightings or appearances on tv shows that are local (hopefully). At least I was able to make it to 5 concerts!! Thanks Michael for including a new tour book with this series of concerts!!!! See you in Laughlin front row and center!
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Does anyone have a picture of the front of the Tour Book they can post here? I don't have one personally so can't do it. Thanks! Gail
Hi Gail, I hope someone can help. One of my friends tried getting one in England but didn't have the right one: it must have been leftovers from the last tour. I don't have mine yet, although it's in the mail and I couldn't help anyway because I don't have a scanner, sorry. Good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
HI Sylvie, Yes its in the mail please let me know when you get it!!! Talk to you soon!! Hugs!

Eileen xoxxo


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