I've found out that the new tour books that can be bought at Michael's concerts now have a section of answers to some of the questions asked on the main page.  I have a list of those who's questions were answered..is there anyone who has this new tour book and willing to type up the questions and answers for us?  I've asked management but with all that is going on they aren't able to get it to me right now.  These are the people who's questions were answered:


Sylvia from Canada

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Ok...thanks to Caroline who attended the Houston show I have the questions and answers included in the tourbook. Before I post them though I want to know if you want me to or do you want to be surprised when you get your tourbook. Hopefully, eventually after all of the present schedule dies donw they will be posted for all as well as more...but let me know and I will post the people's questions mentioned above now. Gail
My vote is POST THEM NOW!!LOL I don't want to wait till Nov!!
Thanks for asking Gail!
Robin :)
Please post them....I don't want to wait either!

Anna :o))
Hi Gail, I vote for posting them now too! Although I’m still fuzzy on whether i’m “Sylvia from Canada” or “Sylvie”… :D Should we wait for the other fans who’s questions were answered? Well, in any case, please thank Caroline for sharing with us Gail, God bless her! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
post them now please!
Does anyone have the answers?
Gail has them Linda, both questions and answers from someone who got a new tour book!
Robin :)
Shannon, sorry lovey, but it was only my suggestion that it would be a lovely idea for the people who had their questions answered to recieve a personally signed copy of the tour book. This was not a guarantee from Gail or from Michael.

I just thought it would be a nice touch if Michael could find time to do this.

Sorry if I got your hopes up.

Love Jennifer XX
Oh I'm very tempted to ask a really dumb question: since he answered 2 of my questions, does that mean I'd get 2? :D Take care girls. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada ?)
Here you go...this was copied directly from the book:

1) Sylvia from Canada finds "Nessun Dorma" to be breathtaking and would like to know when the last time Michael reviewed instructions from his opera coach or if it's still necessary.

I still look foward to singing Nessun Dorma every single night on tour. With Pavarotti's passing, the song has an even greater significance to me. I haven't consulted with any singing coach recently about my performance or approach but will from time to time when the repetoire expands and becomes more demanding, and I plan on this happening.

2) Sandra would like to know what his favorite songs to perform are.

On different nights different songs become stand out moments for me dependent upon whatever I'm feeling at the time. Generally, Nessun Dorma and Said I loved You But I Lied are two of my favorites to sing.

3) Kjta would also like to know if performing with Pavarotti gave him the idea to sing arias and did he ever give him any tips.

Yes, it was while preparing to sing with Pavarotti in his home town of Modena that lead me to begin studying these amazing arias. Luciano was so gracious and supportive of me and my effort to do some sort of justice with the arias. It was a life altering experience for me. When I returned home I went deep into study of Caruso, Di Stefano, Bjorling, Corelli and of course Domingo and Carreras and the different interpretations of the master tenors of these beautiful arias. I look forward to performing more of them live.

4) Christine would like to know if he'd ever consider recording a song in German.

I have sung in Spanish, Itlian, french and English. One day singing in German? I'd like to say yes, but it's quite a challenge since I'm still working on my English.

5) Sylvie would like to know how soon before Michael releases an autobiography.

I have been working on my autobiography but I cannot say when I will publish it. I have so many projects in the works from scripts for films to musicals. It's hard to say when I can finish the book.

6) Helen would like to know what music he grew up listening to.

I didn't grow up. But when I was younger I listened to singers like Steven Wonder, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, then of course the Beatles and Stones (grew long hair and upset the teachers at school) and various artists from Gene Pitney to Elvis Presley.

7) Linda would like to know how Michael deals with traveling and time differences.

I've become accustomed to so many NY to LA flights and back for over 25 years but the toughest flights for me and time changes are LA to Singapore kind of trips - 16 hours is too much to bounce back in a day. It takes at least 48 hours to get centered and feel somewhat normal. But you learn to be a professional, and to maintain your career, 8 hours of sleep on a show nite is an absolute. So, even if the time changes affect the way you're feeling: sick, fatigued, distracted, etc., the mantra "the show must go on" is true. This last run from "LA to Singapore to Jakarta to Australia to Japan to China to Europe to Vegas to LA to NY to Europe and back" in 6 weeks was a bit....Challenging!!! But this is the life we've chosen and it's simply what we accept we must do.

8) Rocio asks: I have listened to you speaking about your "High C" on your latest DVD and I would like to know if that has something in common with what in Spanish we call "octavas": seis octavas...Terms like those....I would also like to know if a singer's range can be improved with work and a teacher, or we are born with our level of sound to speak and sing.

I relate to my high c becuase I am a tenor and have (without being aware of it) been singing above high C in blues bands I sang in. It was discovering the requirement of having and holding a high c in the world of opera and some of the greatest arias that drove me into study and gaining technique. On the range increasing, I believe yes, that most people can sing with more range, flexibility and increased power and projection if they practice with some guidance and some technique. The rest is a matter of repetition and practice, practice, practice. We all may be born with different levels of ease to speak or sing but we are more limited by our lack of the will to make our natural gifts better instruments for us. Proper respectful practice improves us at anything we enjoy doing.

9) Manel would like to know how easy it is to remain a vegetarian while on tour and how long he's maintained that diet.

It's easier now than when I began my vegetarian diet 38 years ago because more restaurants serve more options for vegetarians these days. There is always something good to eat in all my travels literally everywhere on earth. I don't eat fish or poultry but I do eat dairy products like cheese (love pizza), but I am not an activist by any means so I like my friends to have anything they want and not to be remotely concerned about my choices. I could have a friend eating a steak on one side of me and lamb chops on the other. I remember how much I enjoyed those meals but have no desire whatsoever to reintroduce them into my system. I believe whatever works for you is what you should practice and that applies to other areas of life beyond diet as well.

10) Shannon would like to know what it was that moved you to start the MBC.

I started the Michael Bolton Charities originally to try and help struggling families in CT and discovered that there was an inconveivable amount of domestic violence and violence committed against children not just in my home state but throughout America. Through the years I learned that violence against women is a global scourge. When I finally started having success as a recording artist, I began being invited to perform at fundraisers from cancer research organizations to cystic fibrosis, juvenile diabetes, etc., and the cases and need for dollars are endless. So I thought about what I could do at home myself and discovered the term "at risk" women and children. It was a rude awakening to the reality of a deplorable and unacceptable epidemic in America that I'm commmitted to see one day brought to an end.

11) Bill would like to know if there is any place in the world that he hasn't made it to yet but would like to.

Israel and India

12) Anna would like to know if he has any special rituals that he performs before each show.

Vocal warm-ups, 10-15 minutes of scales, religiously.

13) Pauline would like to know if he ever still gets butterflies before the very first song while performing.

Every show.
Thanks Gail, you're so kind ! thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Hello Gail, have you ever tried going to sleep with a smile stuck on your face? :D That’s how I tried to get to sleep last night… :D Thank you so much for posting these! You have to love how generous Michael always is with his answers… So he plans on his repertoire becoming more demanding and performing more arias? Very interesting! Ah, my cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling so much! Lol I can’t believe he answered 2 of my questions, what an honor! Well, I didn’t really ask when he’d release his autobiography, just how far along he was in writing it: I know perfection can’t be rushed, Michael is showing us this every day… I’m just so very glad he confirmed in print that he’s working on it! We’ll wait, however long it takes, like everything else, it’ll be worth it! Michael had us discover or rediscover some of the artists he loved and I’m personally eternally grateful to him for that… I was watching a PBS documentary last night on my buddy Luciano and the maestro said it himself that any performer who says they’re not scared or nervous before going on stage is lying… Wow, I love it! Michael, if you read this, I want to thank you so very much for listening and for making it such a joy to be your fan every day! God bless you, even if you are already blessed… I hope more fans have the pleasure of getting their questions answered in the future. Thanks again Gail and Caroline! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D


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