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Aubrey and anyone else posting pictures and reviews...please put them in the correct thread. Aubrey these pictures are great and we want to see them all but if next time if you would post them to the same thread. Just go to the thread you started and add a reply with more pictures rather than a new one each time. When signed on and looked at the listing of posts I almost deleted them as spam until I looked at a few and found they were legit.

Anyone with concert reviews..also please go to the Tour, Appearances Discussion topic and add yours to the one that says 2010 Concert Tour Reviews..that way they will all be together and we don't have to look and seach for them...thanks so much everyone. As I've said before...we aren't the only one reading the reviews and we want to make them easy to find. Hope everyone understands. In the other forum I was able to move your posts if they were in the wroing topic or could be combined but I can't with this one so I'm asking for your help to keep things a bit simple!! Thanks! Gail
hi gail sorry about that as im new to this adding photo game ,now i know that when i put concert photo's on i should put them in the tour and gig's section is this right as this is the fist time i've done this , but i had to ask how to do it first ,but was'nt told they had to be in a special section
once again sorry about the confussion
Aubrey, it is is just a bit easier to see them all if they are in the same thread. The photos you can put exactly where you put them so that isn't a problem...just put them all in the same you answered me here..just reply to your same thread each time you add new photos...thanks for understanding and welcome to the forum. Please post and read often! Thanks for understanding! Gail
Thanks a lot, Audrie !!!
Beautiful pics.
Take care
Thanks Gail, it does keep things more organized!!! :)
Robin :)
Audrey, is it possible for you to delete all of your photo posts and collate all the photo links into one post? This would make sure that we can see all of your photos in one post rather than spread over fifteen posts.

All the other photo posts from others have been knocked off the first page and half way down the second page so other peoples photos are being missed which is a real shame.

Thanks Audrey. I would really appreciate this because I'd love to see them all, but it is hard to keep opening so many windows.

Love Jennifer XX
Hi Audrey, thanks for sharing such great pics of Michael, I love the ones you captured with his eyes like he's so peaceful in thought. I would love to add my pics but still trying to figure out how, I did read with my "windows7 cloud" you can retouch/edit photos like the ones with red-eyes, you probably can do that on any program, but don't ask me how lol, anyhow thanks for sharing.
Sylvia-from Texas


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