Lets' try to agree or upload what we think could be that hardest to find or rarest MB song/demo etc...

be fun to see what we can come up with !! 

One Love 


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A great idea Christopher but unfortunately I haven't got any to share because all I have got that are possibly, kind of rare, I have got from someone else on here but possibly I could say for one of the rarest songs "Phantom of the Opera" and for a demo "Love Get Ready" for Jennifer Rush.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Christopher, great topic! Okay, now I'd like you to specify: are we talking about something that was recorded officially, demos, commercials, songs where Michael does backups? The possibilities are almost endless! lol BTW, if the songs have been recorded officially, we're not allowed uploading full downloadable songs on this site, but I think it would be okay to upload a sample, or if possible, put a YouTube link on here. I'm sure you have quite an impressive collection in all departments yourself! :D I'd say "Five feet away" is fairly rare: I think there were only something like 1000 copies made.  Let me know which category you meant Christopher, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi Christopher, I’ve been doing some thinking and came up with a few ideas for rarest song of Michael’s.

-Vivo per lei” English/Italian version with Helene Fischer

-“Love shouldn’t hurt” (various artist charity single)

-“Il mio amico” with  Anna Tattangelo (on her CD)


-“Nessun dorma” with Tony Cetinsky (on Tony's CD)

-“The Christmas song” with Claire De La Fuente (on her CD)


-“Break free” with Irena Jorocka (on her CD)


-“solo una dona” (Italian OAWLY)


-« una mujer como tu » (Spanish OAWLY)


-« El dia que me quieras » (on Raul DiBlasio's "DiBlasio gardel tango")


« -Une femme comme toi » (French OAWLY)


-“Baila conmigo » ("Dance with me" single)


-“Tears of the angels” ("Terror at home" DVD)


-“You are my sunshine” (For the children Disney TV special)

-“The genuine Bud man” (Bud commercial)

-“Any man’s country” (demo theme song for "Race for glory" 1989)


And the Joy songs including all songs on the Pentagram album. But I guess the absolute rarest no one has is “Cookie man”, which was the B side of “Going back to New Haven, back in I believe 1970. Since Marc Friedland himself said none of the Joy members ever heard it in its finished form and to my knowledge, was never actually released, that would be the rarest MB song ever. :D The titles with no links I haven’t found on YouTube. I'm sure I can add more later on from Michael's backup and commercial days... :D Well anyway, take careChristopher. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

P.S.: I just thought of another one: "By the time this night is over" Michael wrote for Kenny G. We hear a bit of the demo in the background of an Oprah interview. It was the first song Michael recorded at his Passion studios. :D


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