Hi Everybody,


First time posting on this board... so apologies if this is in the wrong place!


The review of the DVD live at the Albert Hall can be found at




The Blu Ray DVD has 2 bonus tracks which includes Nessum Dorma........ at last l am thankful for buying a blu ray player! lol


Best wishes

Carol (London)

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yes, i have watched the interview and its pretty much stuff we've all heard before. But there are also little personal comments , which were nice to hear( referring to his wife(ex) and various sproutings of hair!!!!LOL). xxx
Ah ,I have to wait .I was told im not allowed buy it yet as Dylan might have a surprise for my birthday ,I wonder what that might be ,HMMMMM .Guess dont have to wait to long just 7 days and we can wait that long i guess .xx
I had an email yesterday from Amazon, saying my copy has been despatched, I should get it by Wednesday. Can,t wait!

Sandra xx
Ohhhhh yes maybe Juliet ,i better be a good girl until then,Dylan is making his 1st communion on Saturday and my b.day is Sunday so i better not be too tired for Michael especially if he is making such an effort for me :-)
Hi Everybody,

Having trouble buying this in person! lol have been to 5 hmv stores and none of them are stocking the dvd, only available to order online.... how do they ex[ect a dvd to do well when they do this! l now have a longer wait cos l've got to order online now! lol

Best wishes
Carol (London)
well all i can say is that the dvd is brilliant the sound quality is fantastic it just brings it all back and i see alot of people i know including our carol and jen lol ,the camera captions around the RAH is just so beautifull .love the interview with michael :) most what was said is things most of us know ,and the set up of the cameras and the band and sound check was great to love the interview with milo .i have watched it about 5 times already love it

Hi just want to share with you all my little story here.

Got home friday late morning to find my little brown package had arrived from Play.com!! I was over the moon i was saying he's here!! he's here!!. My husband and daughter watched me open my parcel and to my disgust, inside it was not Michael Bolton, but Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. I was horrified as im sure i have your sympathy here everyone....... i was confused shouting this was not what i ordered????!!!!???? and then my husband took out the cupboard MB at the RAH. He had played a terrible trick on me, opened my parcel and replaced it with one of his DVDs to see my face.... well what a rotter.
He'd even gone to the trouble of re-glueing the parcel back together....

I have since annoyed him by playing it all weekend, it brings back so many wonderful memories and its great to see my MB friends on it also. I truly love Michaels version of Murder My Heart and Crazy Love on this DVD. I will treasure it....
Ah Clare ,I would say your face was a picture .Glad you finally got it xx
Love the story Clare and good on you playing it all week-end
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Claire, lol thanks for sharing your story! I'll bet your face was worth a million bucks and I'm glad for you that you repaid your husband for playing that trick on you! lol Enjoy the DVD, mine was shipped last night and should get here before Monday. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
You can only imagine my reaction, i mean come on we've all been waiting ages for this!!!
what a dirty trick but at least i can laugh about it now.

Hope yours arrives real quick Sylvie, itll be worth the wait.



PS if Jaanna reads this, i know where im sitting in the video, cos im right next to you in the front with your flag!!!XXX
Hi again Claire, I understand your husband's motivation but know ing how you'd react was a dirty trick! lol This reminds me of the many delays with the OAWLY CD in 2002. The U.S. version was released on April 23, but since I wanted the French version, on the release date, I found out the French release was postponed until May 28! That's the only time in my life I remember screaming that way! :) Luckily, since I'm in French Canada, my husband surprised me with the French version the same day and we cancelled our French order... Anyway, going back to the DVD and CD, I always order from Amazon because they're quick and dependable. I got lucky today and got a vintage video of "Voices that care" in the mail to keep me waiting patiently until then... :) Thanks for your response, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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