has anyone bought tickets from seetickets.com for michaels manchester show...i bought tickets for the manchester show {good tickets row f} a while ago...and today i got email telling me sorry for any "inconvience" i am now in row jj..if
i paid for row f i expect to be sat in row f and not row jj...not happy
and yes it is an inconvience! :o(

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Have a look at the seating plan. Not sure if you are in the stalls or the circle but if you're in the stalls JJ is about 7 rows from the stage and F is about 6 rows from the back! It seems the seats are' lettered' the wrong way! Instead of A being front row, its the back row! Weird! xxx
That's totally backwards! OMG how confusing....
Nope jj is at the back and f near the stage. :o( . i dont know how the ticket company can do this i paid straight away for row f tickets and then weeks later (yesterday) they email saying they have posted my tickets but have changed my seats..sorry for any inconvience. aaarrrgh me and my mum are not impressed!
This is so wrong, I'm with Juliet, I'd be COMPLAINING BIG TIME, I'm good at it too.. I hope you can get this resolved and get the original seats you purchased. I've spoken up with venues about tickets in my years traveling we necessary.

Some of us a few years ago showed up for a show in north NJ at a venue (not Newark) and we got there and they moved our seats several rows back. We (a group of die-hard fans that travel, maybe 10 or so in all) said no, we paid for front row side seats, all of us way it turned out had seats in the front row here and there on both sides...well they wanted to move us a few rows back, due to changing it to a Katrina Benefit. We didn't care (fine if some of the money went to that cause but), we had all bought our tix many months ago and have them in our hands and we want to sit where we are SUPPOSED TO SIT. We travel to see MB. The manager yelled at us, another man from the venue tried to convince us and a lady came down I think finally from the box office who agreed to let us sit where we were to sit--show was soon starting!!!---and they tried to bribe some of us with meeting MB (Which we didn't fall for) and I said I've met him, I just want the seat I paid for!! The man just looked at me!! OMG!!! Finally they made other people get OUT of our seats and we sat where we were supposed to after all of us talking our heads off and explaining we don't want other tickets to another show, we don't live there, won't be back, we want to sit in the seats we paid for, plain and simple!!!. The local patrons that had the center section even said they felt we were being mistreated by that venue..
MB smiled at my friends and I when he came out on stage and the nasty man that yelled at us was standing to the side and saw it..We had never been treated so badly by a venue and my friends and I will NEVER go back. Also once seated we were yelled at again to NOT take pictures..Fine, we had many of Michael and didn't need more. The venue staff were almost determined to ruin it for us or something but once settled in we enjoyed the show very much, the venue had great sound and MB gave a wonderful performance.. But....what a fuss we had when we just wanted to sit in our seats!!OMG

Remember-YOU are the paying customer. They need to treat YOU well...

I don't wish that kind of thing on anyone..this makes no sense either-you agreed to buy a seat in a certain location, that's wrong of them to then change it and they have your money.

Good luck!
Robin :)
Sorry, you're right, I was being a complete dipstick! I was looking at the seating plan the wrong way round! DOH!!!! I'm definitely with everyone else on this- you paid for numbered tickets and that is what you should receive! They are definitely in the wrong! xxx
Oh, believe me, I'm the same! I always get results as well! : )

I'd rip their flipping heads off if they did this to me!!!!! GgGGGGGRRRRRRrr!!!

This is blatant ripping off to the highest level and you must complain and really kick up a HUGE fuss!!

Goodness, they cant do this..can they??

Good luck.

Love Jennifer XX
thanks ladies for all the comments. much appreciated. i have sent an email back telling them i am not happy and want to know why they have changed our seats.i will wait and see if anyone replies,if not will try to get hold of someone on the telephone. i will keep you all updated.
Jo xxx
'And, under contract law, you must provide tickets that match the description given at the time of purchase. By not providing tickets as described at the time of purchase you are in breach of contract'. This is a quote from the Which? website regarding ticket companies and sales. As you paid for seats in F row, by law that is what you should receive. xxx
Hi everyone.. ive had an email back today. not the news i wanted though.

Dear Johanna,

I have discussed the allocation change with the event manager of the show and unfortunately, it would appear that an administration error occurred when setting up the seating for this show on our system. This meant that the seats you were initially allocated were incorrect as they should not have been available for sale. Therefore, when the mistake was discovered your order was re-allocated to the best seats we had available within the same price range. I can only offer my sincere apologies that this error occurred and that it was not discovered earlier.

As a gesture of goodwill, I am happy to refund the £9.00 booking fee's on your order. However, due to data protection we are unable to keep your card details on file. Therefore, in order to process a refund on the postage we do need to re-take you credit/debit card number and expiry date. You can provide this information by replying to this email or calling us on 0115 912 9000.

Alternatively, if you no longer wish to attend the show then I can offer a full refund on your order if you return your tickets to the address below. Please ensure that we receive the tickets at least 10 days before the show.

See Tickets
4th Floor
Norfolk House
47 Upper Parliament Street
We advise all tickets are returned by secure delivery to ensure receipt, as we are unable to process a refund without the tickets.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your e-mail.
Kind Regards
Customers Services
tel. 0871 2200260 (24hrs)
'As a good will gesture we'll refund the £9 booking fee??? Say what???????????

I'm afraid that I'd tell them to shove that right where the sun dont shine!!! Flumping cheek!!!

They make a cock up and you have to suffer for it!!! They are supposed to be a professional comapny and as such should know months in advance how the seating plan wil be determined!!

How much farther back is row JJ compaired to row F? I cant find a seating plan with row numbers on it.

I would push for something more that the £9 booking fee back...a total refund might go some way to ease your frustration.

Grrrr!! I hate it when companies always manage t oblame someone else for thei mistakes!!!

Good luck and keep at it. You'll wear them down eventually.

Love Jennifer XXXX
its about 30 rows back from the seats i had chosen..near enough the back of the arena...tut not good...i am very unimpressed :o(


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