It is Michael's 63rd birthday on Friday, 26th February and if you wish to send him a Birthday Greeting please do so here.

Gail has given the okay for this thread and she has agreed she will send link to Michael in order that he can see all birthday messages sent to him.  Please ensure you have your Birthday Greeting posted by, or on, 26th February as Gail will send link to Michael on 27th..... thanks !!! :)

To get things started, here is a birthday cake for Michael from us all ..........

Picture is of a birthday cake which has been made to represent a golf course with a golfer lying down on green lining up his ball with hole which still has flag in and I've put "63" on flag.  There is also a bag of golf clubs standing just off of green.  Cake is a large square shape and have written on front panel "Happy, Happy Birthday Michael !!!" 

Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend


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Happy birthday Michael,I hope you have a wonderful day,counting the days down now until your in the uk.You are the best,and still looking gorgeous,although I do miss your lovely long locks.mwah see you soon xxx❤️
Happy birthday Michael. Hope you have a fantastic day Can't wait to see you in Manchester UK in April. Love hugs and kissess
Gwen xxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Michael, I hope this I your best birthday yet. I hope all of your birthday wishes come true for you... Here is a toast to you from me, never take life to seriously, and love with all your heart and smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to .. CHEERS!!!  sincerely Ava Lou Mullins

Happy birthday Michael! May your day be filled with joy, love and laughter surrounded by your loved ones!

Kayleigh,  Ireland xo

Wishing you a very happy birthday Michael ....Hope its as special as you are xx

Wishing you another awesome birthday!  So thankful for God blessing you not only a great voice but with these many years to share it with others.  As I have said before the Lord took my Bolton home to heaven and left me with your sweet love songs to fill my lonely nights.  Have been so happy to see your lovely grandchildren filling your days with more happiness then you could imagine after having three lovely girls.  They are all darling!  Loved seeing your snow picture of the pool and patio with the woods in the distance.  I know you spend so much time on tour, now Detroit and charity events but I always love seeing you at home in your Italian villa.  Maybe it is because my father spent his WWII years there in Italy etc.  So glad you have had some time there recently.  Snow was beautiful.  We got our share just outside DC too!  Always have thought a February birthday was perfect for someone who would be the best love song singer.  Has been a joy to be a serious fan soon after my husband passed away and get to know your lovely family through pix over the years.  You have kept the romance in my heart and joy in listening to a love song.  It must have been a God wink to fill my lonely heart with love songs by another Bolton.  Have prayed for you and am wishing you another Happy Birthday with many more to come!  God Bless you and keep you healthy and singing many more songs that make the young girls and gals about your age cry!  Thanks again for every sweet love song that made my days and filled many of my nights.  God grant you many more years to keep a song in our hearts and a smile on our faces!  Love, Gwen Fearnley Bolton 

Happy Birthday Michael. I hope you have a truly wonderful day filled with love and happiness, you deserve the best! Can,t wait to see you at Bristol UK in April. Lots of love and hugs,

Sandra xxxx

Wishing you a fabulous birthday Michael. Enjoy all your celebrations with family and friends.

As they say ' Eat, Drink and make merry'!!! xx

Warm regards - Sue, Norfolk UK

 Happy, happy 63rd Birthday to You beloved Michael

with love Marie

Happy Birthday handsome. I wish u lots of love and happiness. Hope u have a great day. Enjoy yourself,u only get one life so live it to the fullest. Take care. Keep on rocking.

Happy Birthday MB! I truly appreciate all you do for the fans and your continuing to make wonderful music for all of us to love and enjoy through the years..  Enjoy your day with family and friends!!  :)

Thanks for another amazing show in Morristown, NJ last week.  We all had one topic to talk about, the bad weather, but it all came together in the end and you gave a wonderful concert.You never disappoint that's for sure!!! Wow!!   I am glad you were able to get my birthday card I had for you that night, a little early but I'm glad it made it into your hands. :):)

Happy 29th Birthday again!! :) See ya on the road again soon hopefully in 2016!!!

With Love and Support Always!!

Robin Sterner in MD :)

My birthday wish for you is that all of your dreams come true.  You have given so much of yourself to us, your fans, that you deserve only the best in return.  You have made so many of our wishes and dreams come true so it should be your turn now.   Happy birthday to you Michael, not only the singer but a kind and generous man.


June from Florida


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