It is Michael's 63rd birthday on Friday, 26th February and if you wish to send him a Birthday Greeting please do so here.

Gail has given the okay for this thread and she has agreed she will send link to Michael in order that he can see all birthday messages sent to him.  Please ensure you have your Birthday Greeting posted by, or on, 26th February as Gail will send link to Michael on 27th..... thanks !!! :)

To get things started, here is a birthday cake for Michael from us all ..........

Picture is of a birthday cake which has been made to represent a golf course with a golfer lying down on green lining up his ball with hole which still has flag in and I've put "63" on flag.  There is also a bag of golf clubs standing just off of green.  Cake is a large square shape and have written on front panel "Happy, Happy Birthday Michael !!!" 

Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend


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Happy Birthday Michael! We are hoping that your birthday has been fabulous! Melinda and I will be sitting by the stage at the Beau next week! Thank you so much for sharing your God given voice with us as your music has brought us so much joy!!!
Martha and Melinda

I have sent a note giving Michael the link to this thread on the forum so he can read your Birthday Wishes when he gets a chance.  Gail

Thanks Gail.  I hope he enjoys reading all the birthday messages here!!

Robin in MD :)

Thank you Gail.

Thanks so much Gail, thanks !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks a lot Gail, much appreciated sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks Gail for everything you do on this page!!! Hugs from Alba

Thank you so much Gail.

Sandra UK

Thank you Gail

Thank you for everything Gail !

Thanks Gail. Much love.



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