It is Michael's 63rd birthday on Friday, 26th February and if you wish to send him a Birthday Greeting please do so here.

Gail has given the okay for this thread and she has agreed she will send link to Michael in order that he can see all birthday messages sent to him.  Please ensure you have your Birthday Greeting posted by, or on, 26th February as Gail will send link to Michael on 27th..... thanks !!! :)

To get things started, here is a birthday cake for Michael from us all ..........

Picture is of a birthday cake which has been made to represent a golf course with a golfer lying down on green lining up his ball with hole which still has flag in and I've put "63" on flag.  There is also a bag of golf clubs standing just off of green.  Cake is a large square shape and have written on front panel "Happy, Happy Birthday Michael !!!" 

Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend


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Every year at this time
Everyone wishes you all fine.
So I’m gonna also do
And wish all the best to you
All you dream of – let comes true
All you love – let comes to you!

I'm waiting for the concert in Warsaw (Poland) Ania :)

Happy Birthday Michael. May God continue to give you abundance of strength, great health, joy and prosperity to continue to make amazing songs for your fans that loves you so much. May all that you wish for on your birthday and more, be granted to you. Please take the day off and enjoy with your family. God bless you always. Amen. Thank you for blessing my heart every day with your love songs. Much love to you Michael.




Dear Michael:

Wishing you a year of health, happiness, and hugs from your grandchildren! Happy Birthday!


Diane (and Chuck, too!)
* NJ


Michael, Happy Birthday! hope you will have a big cake for your party!

lots of love from your Swiss fan

Silvy xx

p.s. hope to see you soon here for a concert :-)))

Happy Birthday Michael may your day be full of joy and laughter wishing you the best year yet lots of love Pauline xx

Another year, another birthday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and year ahead Michael. I'm not sure if the golfer is lying down to line up the ball or whether he celebrated his birthday with a few bubbles at each hole... either way, hope you celebrate it in style. One special wish when you blow out the candles... Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Michael  have a wonderful day filled with love laughter, and all the things you wish for  xxxxxxx

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Michael !! Have a great day with dear friends and loved ones!! Hope you see the tweet I sent you of Firefighter Darin hanging your photo on the wall of "stars" at LAFD station 27! Fun memories of you taking a photo with my husband Bob and his crew in front of their fire engine!! Thanks for signing the photo also as I made copies for the other 3 firefighters. Such dear memories as Bob's retires on Feb 29!! You have given me so many years of wonderful memories attending your concerts and tv appearances and cd/book signings etc. So here is to another year of fun!! See you in Glasgow!! As you say... celebrate your bd all week long!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

Happy birthday, Michael Hope you enjoy much needed break and wish you stay well. 

God Bless you and your family.

Happy fabulous Birthday to you Michael great man and great artist!!! Love from Alba Milano

Happy Birthday MB, .....that's for you ........

Bob Dylan & Band "Forever young"

With love from Germany - BG


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