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I’ve been meaning to start this thread for a while now. I’ve been reading since the beginning of this forum, many discussions started by fans who simply wanted to share their joy of being a Michael Bolton fan. We have threads to share concert reviews, some to share news, videos etc, but not exactly what I have in mind. I would like for this thread not to be about meeting Michael, but about MB related moments in our daily lives, that anyone can take part in. I’m sure we all have tons of fun stories about how the existence of our Michael made us smile today.


For example: I remember once working on the computer and being stressed out to finish a job, then I took a break and turned on the radio, SILYBIL was on and I felt like I’d been given a big hug! Also, I remember once reading on one of the old message boards, someone had gone to a thrift shop and found an MB T-shirt and it made her day! Another story of mine has to do with my husband driving with “The one thing” on, stopping at a light and the guy in the next car asked him who that was and said this was great music! Your anecdotes can also be about how you've converted a "non believer" or your child’s discovery of Michael and sometimes we have as many stories as we have kids! Anyway, I guess I’d like this thread to be kind of a Michael Bolton  “Vegetable soup for the soul”. :D I have a few stories in my own life like these and even started my own personal document  a while back and I thought: why not share our stories together? So there you go MB fans: share away! Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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One of these days Robin R. when we All hit that Lottery, we are gonna go make a Memory w/him:)! I really like All of your stories..and I here you on "Lean On Me" I really Love that song, too! Have a Great Day!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Thanks girls. I love it. Started taping with Peggy&Barbara in 1986--&Senora in 1994&got to meet them as well as their friends. If MB only knew what all we go through to get to his shows. Wow! Winning the lotto would be totally awesome as we'd all have a private show of Michael's&meet one another&spend a week together. How about that for a dream come true, right? Some I've met; others I haven't. :)

I'm almost positive the song was "Can I touch you there".....I loved that song...and I know that's one I  would have jumped up like lightning struck me:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Hi Mary, either you have your year or your song wrong sweetie: CITYT was out only in '95. Not that it's important, but I hope you find it if it'll be bugging you... :D Take care sweetie and have a great weekend. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

I was listening to Greatest Hits last night, and I thought maybe that was it, I did say I wasn't positive:)! LOL! But I do know there were a lot of words in the song, and I didn't want to mess it up...Now don't even think I can sing...LOL...I was just going with the flow!!! It was a Fun song! Meg. can't remember either! Hmmm....maybe I should just call him up & ask if he remembers? LMBO!

Have a Great Day! Off to work!

Mary (meg's mom)!

I know when Michael did "Drift Away" in Elmira NY in September 2003, I literally jumped up, screamed, sat down & cried. So, yeah.

That is cute Robin !!!!!! I can just see you doing that too, girl!!!!! Hugs

Kathy T. :)

Ok Sylvie, I did a little thinking about When this concert took place....I had to look at my Resume'...LOL...and this Show was is August of 1996! At the Ky. State fair! So maybe I was right? Either way, what a Night 2 remember w/Meg!!! I was working at the Post Office, and I couldn't get off soon enough to be the 1st one there...or I would have been even closer:)! "To buy our tickets"...:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Hey Mary, you’re so sweet to go through all that trouble to find  a concert date... :D I can only imagine seeing Michael at a state fair so close to you, on top of singing CITYT to/with him, phew! Well you and Michael certainly made it a night to remember! :D Thanks again Mary, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi all, I don't have a big elaborate story today, but just wanted to share that about an hour ago, finishing lunch, I decided to channel surf on the radio, stopped to listen to a song I hadn't heard in a while: "What a fool believes" by the Doobie Brothers and right after, they played "Love is a wonderful thing"! What are the odds? Anyway, it put a huge smile on my face and a rainbow in this grey day! :D I'm not sure what channel it was on or whether it was a Montreal station, but they said this was "La radio allumée", which translates to "The On radio" and they sure were! :D   Thanks for reading, take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hey sylvie, I can understand how that makes you feel. Whenever my daughter and I go shopping, eat out or anyplace they play music she is usually the one to holler moma listen I think it is Michael Bolton. That makes my day just knowing she recognizes his songs now.
Sandy in MS

Hey Sandy, enjoy it while it lasts sweetie! :D If you're lucky, she'll keep on sharing Michael with you and not roll her eyes at you once she's a teen... :D Take care Sandy and thanks for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada


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