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I’ve been meaning to start this thread for a while now. I’ve been reading since the beginning of this forum, many discussions started by fans who simply wanted to share their joy of being a Michael Bolton fan. We have threads to share concert reviews, some to share news, videos etc, but not exactly what I have in mind. I would like for this thread not to be about meeting Michael, but about MB related moments in our daily lives, that anyone can take part in. I’m sure we all have tons of fun stories about how the existence of our Michael made us smile today.


For example: I remember once working on the computer and being stressed out to finish a job, then I took a break and turned on the radio, SILYBIL was on and I felt like I’d been given a big hug! Also, I remember once reading on one of the old message boards, someone had gone to a thrift shop and found an MB T-shirt and it made her day! Another story of mine has to do with my husband driving with “The one thing” on, stopping at a light and the guy in the next car asked him who that was and said this was great music! Your anecdotes can also be about how you've converted a "non believer" or your child’s discovery of Michael and sometimes we have as many stories as we have kids! Anyway, I guess I’d like this thread to be kind of a Michael Bolton  “Vegetable soup for the soul”. :D I have a few stories in my own life like these and even started my own personal document  a while back and I thought: why not share our stories together? So there you go MB fans: share away! Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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Who would have thought I would have drank that much lemon aid. 3 quarts. Wow! Yeah, a lemmon aid stand & if MB were to purchase a cup. Hmm.

Hey Robin r. Yeah, we are never prepared for him...:)! But we are Ready for him:)! LMBO!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Hi Kathy, ah so nice to hear stories from unexpected places, thanks for sharing sweetie, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

I'm here to tell you Sylvie, I had to use the inhaler. Woo Hoo. Then, when it showed Garden of Gethsemmini (pardon spelling), wow!

Well, August 1994, my friend Siri visied us in from Mississippi. Several of us saw Michael in concert @ the Capitol Center & this transportation Harbor Express took us. We teasingly call it "Horror Express" :) well, Siri & I had 7th row gold club seats & had an awesome time. It was around Skylor's (pardon spelling) birthday. There were 7 of us altogether. Of course, we didn't go up to the stage or anything neat like that but it was awesome. Loved it. Michael did a tiny part of an aria & wow! did I scream or what. It brought me back to his concert in Columbia SC. We had an awesome time. Thought I'd share. :)

Thanks for sharing Robin R.....it is fun remembering our fun concert moments and I know you have many to tell and I have already enjoyed hearing and reading about so many and they just keep coming :))))). While things are a bit slow right now nice to share our stories again too. :)) Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Nice to hear some good stories here...that one w/Kelly was a doozie...LOL:)! If that happened to any of Us we would..have a Cow...LMBO! I sure wish I'd bump into him here in Louisville this week:)! I'd buy him some Starbursts anytime...LOL:)!

You're story was sweet Robin R.

Thanks for sharing!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Imagine Michael coming to my town? Ha! Well, ikif so, I'd gladly take him to my favorite Chef's. :)

Thanks for all the fun this morning ladies and especially to Kelly who I do hope does pop on here and thanks Kathy T for sharing her story.....thanks !!!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Kathy in Tulsa, sorry you couldn't hang around then. It just wasn't your time. Wow!

This isn't much of a story, and all the intense Michael Bolton-related things in my life is very recent (within the past week... haha...) but certain songs and his voice really moves me. I'm an animated filmmaker, majoring in Character Animation in college currently, and listening his Fields of Gold song in his duets album with Eva Cassidy actually inspired an entire film idea out of me. I might be making my short film this year purely from this kind of spiritual inspiration I got from this song. I understand it's originally Eva Cassidy's, but I only learned about this song through Michael's duets album.

I'm currently (literally RIGHT NOW) in the process of drawing storyboards for this film idea! It's basically a life metaphor with the story following a dog. I wonder if I do end up going through with this film, if Michael (and the studios?) would allow me to use it for the music in my film and submit to film festivals... but well, that's going into other issues, and my film didn't happen YET, so I'll think about this part later...

Hey Fiona, if writing your post here made you smile, it’s enough for this thread. :D It’s great to hear that Michael inspired you so vividly and so quickly. As far as the song goes, it was originally Sting’s song:


Eva covered it years later and Michael was very moved by it. Here, in case you haven’t seen this vignette:


...and here’s Eva’s solo version:


Michael got permission from Eva’s family to use her voice and guitar playing. So I don’t know who you’d have to ask for permission to use it. Guess you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it. There's another filmmaker who's a member on this site  who wanted to use a Michael song, I think his name is Scott... Well anyway, thanks a lot for sharing Fiona, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada


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