How disappointed to see the concert still taking place despite the adverse weather and police advising you not to travel. I suppose there will be a lot of out of pocket disappointed fans like me out there.....................

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I have just had a phone call from Sheffield City Hall who have said that it is out of their hands and down to the promoters, I have just e mailed them,, and am awaiting a reply. City Hall said that they could not cancel at all, and the lady who called me became very defensive when I said that they were showing no consideration for the health and safety of their staff and customers. I am going to contact the local press, Sheffield City Hall is in for some very bad publicity.
Your spot on Darren can"t believe its still on no consideration for the fans safety i for one will never use city hall again....
Thanks for taking this on Darren!! So many disappointed fans that are heeding the police advice and not risking there own heath and safety. These days EVERYTHING revolves around Health and Safety and yet the promoters are allowed to get away with this. Dick Turpin has nothing on them!
I wonder if Michael will realises how frustrated and angry those fans that have bought tickets and are unable to travel are with the promoters for not cancelling/rescheduling earlier in the day.Keep us posted and let us know if we can do anything to support you.
Contacting the local press is a very good idea. Nearly every other show is cancelled, the police are saying NOT to travel what more needs to be said?
I'm concerned that if we contact the papers and they make a big thing about this, it will look badly on Michael. I'd obviously like our money back too, but ultimately I'm more upset that we've missed seeing Michael....that's what really matters here. Hopefully he'll be able to return next year in better weather...
I hope that everyone contacts the promoters ,I have put the address on the website, as thye need to know how people feel. Also a member said Michael cancelled his concert due to ill health so they are not been fair on him either. Its really got me rattled . i feel bad as my daughters paid for the tickets 1 of whom is a student
I know exactly how you feel.I will definitely be contacting them!
Contact the Sheffield Star as well,, and go to contact us, fill in the form and mark the box for the newsdesk, if enough people do it, it may then generate a story of sufficient interest so the City Hall and/or the promoters refund money for unused tickets.
Hi we contacted the star come on power to the people , please everyone contact sheffield star.
I have contacted the Star , even if they do nothing I felt better after writing to them!
hi promoters phone number is 02087896111, good luck
His promoters are obnoxious with fans, just warning everyone, in case they are expecting a sympathetic ear.

Good luck everyone, the least they could do is offer a refund to fans who are unable to get there. have you tried Michaels management too?
Mandy xx


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