How disappointed to see the concert still taking place despite the adverse weather and police advising you not to travel. I suppose there will be a lot of out of pocket disappointed fans like me out there.....................

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i just expressed my disappointment too we contacted the promoter who was very rude and said it was our own fault for not travelling to the concert even after explaining that we have 4 feet of snow ,police telling people not to travel and heavy snow is forecast for tonight at 21.00 hours.There will be 3 of us out of pocket as someone at the City hall said they would cancel if they could but its the promoters its in their hands
Yes I thought that was strange too. I wonder if he's aware how disappointed and upset fans are. I live in Sheffield but feel its not worth risking a broken leg or arm, as there are still no buses able to access my housing estate and taxis wont come off the main roads. My sister is even more disappointed (being a life long fan of Michaels) as she lives alone (she lost her husband just a few months ago) and is unable to dig her car out of the garage let alone drive the 60 miles to the concert!
Hi the concert going ahead in Sheffield even though its impossible to travel and his promoters have said the concert is going ahead come what may as people have purchased tickets ,so have we was our reply she was not helpful and got very angry with us .more snow is on its way tonight at 21.00 hrs so its not good I do not want to risk my daughters lives , myself and others travelling in dangerous situations.T
Who are the promoters and how did you contact them? The people that will benefit from the concert are...........non fans that have picked up tickets from those unable to attend, and.................THE PROMOTERS!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!
It is about time he changed his promoters then. I bought a ticket for my other half in March as a Mother's Day gift. I called the City Hall this morning who said it was the promoters who were going ahead. We are snowed in, police advising not to travel and more snow on the way tonight. It is disgusting. The City Hall are also, in their words, running on a skeleton staff, so how can that be safe?
Ridiculous! I agree in this day and age events of this nature should be cancelled in circumstances like this. Other events in the city were cancelled/rescheduled immediately. I will certainly think twice about buying any tickets for concerts in the winter months again!
If anyone is interested we contacted the promoters and she said if you wish to put a complaint in writing then we are free to do so , 3D entertainment, 4 Princeton court 53-55 Felsham Rd London SW15 1 AZ
Can you believe.........The City Hall is running on a skeleton staff....................they can't get into work.............because of the weather conditions!!!!!!
The City hall is functioning on limited number of staff last 3 nights concerts have been cancelled. arena cancelled this weekends concerts an Mondays concert may be reviewed in other words may be cancelled yet. The City hall should have contacted promoters and cancelled as it has health and safety issues for staff etc
Totally agree..........How can the City Hall say its the promoters decision they have a care of duty to their own staff as well as Michaels fans!
This is shocking, someone needs to look into this situation. After travelling down to the Brighton show, I would advise you not to travel. Our 250 mile journey took us 27 hours from leaving home on Wednesday afternoon to getting home last night. It was honestly the worst journey I have ever had. It took longer than when I went to Vegas to see him last year!! As Michael was too poorly to perform on Wednesday it would be a surprise if this show did go ahead, but who knows. You may not have lost your money just yet, as the Brighton show wasn't cancelled until 5.30 by which time many people had set off on their journeys. Fingers crossed for you all.

iam disgusted the promoters are putting money before the safety of the fans disgusting.........


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