How disappointed to see the concert still taking place despite the adverse weather and police advising you not to travel. I suppose there will be a lot of out of pocket disappointed fans like me out there.....................

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Do you know how to contact them Mandy? x
No sorry, I presume they are based in the US, but haven't a clue who they are.
Good luck though, its a horrible situation for you all
Mandy xx
I'll have a look on the back of his cd's it might name his management.
Mandy xx
We too are unable to attend due to the weather. We live over 3 hours away, and would have to travel on the A1 and A57 both of which have been on the news over the past couple of days in a dangerous condition, so it would have been absolutely stupid and foolhardy to even attempt to travel up to Sheffield, regardles of what the promoters say. We bought our tickets back in June and have been looking forward to this for 6 months, so are heartbroken the weather has prevented us from attending. I think the promoters are very selfish and thoughtless to expect people to go when the police are warning us not to go out unles we have to. I should think Michael will be devatated that so many fans will be unable to attend, so hope he is feeling much better and keeps safe.
Those that haven't attended the concert in Sheffield due to the weather forecast.............It is snowing again in the South of Sheffield!
So Michael is feeling better? I haven't heard officially but guess if the promotor is saying show is happening, MB is better?
Sorry to hear this, I know bad weather here will stop me from going a dangerous trip over mountains to get to my show in Feb. Florin with feet of snow over a short period of time, it's dangerous to drive.. I can understand how people feel, not mad at MB but just disappointed.. your life isn't worth risking for a concert. We had 3 huge blizzards here last year and no way could we have had a concert let alone gone and we are very well prepared here in MD for storms compared to other areas of the USA.

Everyone be safe!!!
Robin in MD
Who's blaming Michael????????

Of course you have snow................Father Christmas lives there!
It's a shame, you cannot do much about it till it's arrived and then deal with it.. Shame it had to hit during the tour..Give it a week later and MB wouldn't be in the area.. Everyone stay safe!!!
Robin in MD USA
I think that if you read through all of these posts Florin you will see people are not blaming Michael for the weather. They are upset at the way his promotors have dealt with the situation. It is just very unfortunate that our country doesn't have the infrastructure to deal with this much snow and ice, as it is not a common problem during normal winters and not thought a necessary expense, although I assume they will have to think about investing in more appropriate ways to deal with it in the future. Your country has this kind of weather every year and invests in the tools to deal with such conditions. Consider yourself lucky you have not been left out of pocket and disappointed as many of Michael UK fans have been.

Oh, I understand what you are all saying now. I wasnt sure when I read the other thread.

Hmm, it is a difficult situation. Cancel the concert and risk upsetting the whole audience or go ahead with the concert and upset less people who are able to get there?

I dont envy the people who are being blamed for this, its a very difficult situation.

I reckon that as Michael is leaving the UK soon the promoters figured that to fulful their contractural obligations would be cheaper than losing money by cancelling and to play to a smaller audience is better than not to play to anyone I guess?

I do feel really sad for you all in this situation, but for those who are able to get there, if the concert had been cancelled it would be harder on them wouldnt it?

Sandra, Esther and Mandy, I hope your snow clears up soon. We are lucky as we only have about 2 inches here and dont have anymore forecast as yet.

Love Jennifer XX
Hi Jen, its not too bad where I live at the moment, we seem to have been really lucky in this part of the North yet I have a friend who lives roughly 15 miles away and she's snowed under.

Just got to hope the blizzard doesn't set in on Sunday, otherwise Manchester may be a problem for me.

Mandy xx
It's easy for us not affected to say well we see both sides of this situation etc.. But honestly who wants to miss a concert they've waited for so long to attend and not be able to get money back due to SEVERLY/Dangerous bad weather. Anyone of us would be very upset about not being able to get there knowing MB is on stage performing..:( Not that it's his fault or anything like that, just that Mother Nature isn't playing nice. Look at how many of you here attended RAH just over a week or so ago, what if weather had affected you all getting there and MB was doing the show? It would be a real upset wouldn't it! I know it would be for me if it were my concert. Robin


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