How disappointed to see the concert still taking place despite the adverse weather and police advising you not to travel. I suppose there will be a lot of out of pocket disappointed fans like me out there.....................

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This is now posted to the main page:

In an effort to accommodate Sheffield ticket holders who were unable to attend the concert due to weather related travel complications, Michael would like to offer fans with untorn/unmarked Sheffield tickets free seats at the Apollo Theater in Manchester on Sunday, Dec. 5th .

The decision to cancel a performance, for any reason, is agonizing and MB relies on a host of sources to assist him in determining whether proceeding with a show is in the best interest of his fans. While the vast majority of paid ticketholders were able to attend, he is aware that distance played a factor in some of his fans opting not to drive to the show due to safety concerns and that he fully supports his fans who made that decision. If you would like to attend the Manchester show, please contact Gail at boltoninfo@aol asap to make arrangements.
Whilst this is a really kind gesture and very much appreciated I think the point is being missed. I am in no better position this morning than I was yesterday, in fact I would say it is worse as the already settled snow is now ice. My sister (who lives alone and 60 miles from Sheffield, so almost 100 miles to travel to Manchester) and had just started to get over the fact we were not going to see Michael this tour and the carrot has been dangled again. I think what would be better would be to keep this gesture for those that can make Manchester and either refund or allow ticket holders to use their tickets when Michael tours again in Sheffield.
Not all venues tear or mark tickets as they are being used. I went to Birmingham and my tickets are as new as the day I bought them, there is no way of telling whether I used them or not. So I don't see how that would work. It's a really awkward situation and I do sympathise with fans that have lost money through weather conditions. It's really unfortunate but I don't think you can cancel a concert for a minority. Maybe the few that did report they couldnot go on this forum could be given tickets for when Michael returns next tour as there only seem a handful of them that are discontented.
Crikey, thats so true Jude, I dont think any of my tickets have ever been torn or clipped, but I guess they are banking on the fact that we as Michael Bolton fans as are all honest and truthful? I pray people will be.

I pray that those who choose to use their un-used Sheffield tickets can make arrangements to get to Manchester and that they those who did manage to get to Sheffield will be honest and truthful and wont try and dishonestly gain access to the Manchester arena. Mind you, there may not be that many empty seats available in Manchester and those that are might be towards the back of the auditorium, stil lbetter to be there than not at all.

This whole situation was borne out of our Country's infrastructure not being prepared for this weather. They have all known for weeks that the snow was coming and that some Countys further north will historically get it worse than others, but they just dont prepare or make the correct arrangements. The Councils are the ones who are responsible for clearing the roads with snow ploughs etc because as they are all fully aware that this kind of weather in on its way, but they dont want to or wont spend the money on the correct equipment.
The poor gritter drivers up north are working around the clock doing their best, working long hard hours, but if the machinery isnt the correct type, ie ploughs etc to do the job properly or there arent enough drivers etc well, chaos will undoubtedly ensue. Gritter lorries are only allowed to cover the bus route roads and motorways, so if they arent cleared, traffic is bound to be severely disrupted.

If I were you, I would speak to the council and see if any type of compensation is available from them after all the fault ultimately and firmly lies with them and their lack of preparation and the fact that they refuse to spend the money on what they consider to be 'short term weather conditions'.

Good luck to everyone concerned. I've just had a huge bag of rock salt delivered so that I can cover my driveway and path if the snow hits here again. Atleast if I cant get out my postman wont fall over again!! Ha Ha!!

Hopefully, another week and this white stuff will all be nothing, but a cold distant memory.

What a beautiful kind gesture from Michael. Bless your heart, you lovely lovely man. XXX Mwah!!

I hope things work out for everyone concerned.

Love Jennifer XX
Couldnt agree more Jenn.
How many artists do we know that would be so kind to do this .I do hope that some of you can take up this offer .Well done Michael for the wonderful gesture .xx
Sharon, I love MB for his offering this. NOT MANY other artists would do this, no indeed!!!
Gotta love MB for offering up something!!!!!
Robin :)
I think this is very kind of Michael to do this. He really is a true gentleman. I sincerely hope he is feeling better now, bless him.
No-one can help getting ill, and the cold weather probably didn,t help if he was already feeling rundown. Not his fault that it snowed either!!

Sandra x
Just now got up to see this, LOVE THIS IDEA!! MB is the BEST to his fans... I hope some folks can make it to the next show on Sunday to take advantage of this..Tickets here alot of the time aren't torn either, just barcode scanned, all in tact!

Gotta love MB and I am also glad to read he must be feeling alot better!!!!
MB's the BEST!!!
Robin in MD:)
Yeh, we're in a worse position trying to get to Manchester than Sheffield, so while we appreciate the offer, we are unable to go there either. Will just have to dream we're there!!! Maybe Michael could put that show on DVD so we could at least see it........?
Hey thats a great idea Esther. I love it!! Copies could be sold to raise funds for the UK fan reception.

Hey, Michael, how about it?

Anyone got a video camera already charged up??

Esther, this really is an excellant idea, well done. It would be brilliant if it came to fruition.

Love Jennifer XX
I was also unable to travel the 100miles to sheffield last night. Due to the weather conditions it would have been unsafe to do so risking being stranded or worse, an accident! I bought my tickets as soon as they went on sale last december so was extremely disappointed at having to miss Michaels concert last night. The best thing in my opinion would have been to reschedule the concert for everybody's safety as people were being advised not to travel!
Unfortunately i have to work on sunday night so wouldn't be able to go to the manchester concert even if the weather has improved by then, although i think by the forcast people could have the same problem getting there!!
MICHAEL - if you read this PLEASE come back very soon so all your very disappointed fans can see you!!!
I saw posts on FB where fans were saying MB didn't care, well he does care, he's offered up something FAST for anyone who may be able to get there on Sunday.. I hope and pray weather improves for folks to take advantace of this offer. I've never ever had the chance to go to a different venue if something like this would have happened. Gotta give MB credit for trying to do what he can in such short notice, since he did have the show, cannot reschedule it....Shame this bad weather has locked itself in the UK right now. Mother Nature needs to stop playing so unkindly to everyone. Be safe anyone traveling for the last show on Sunday....

Robin in MD :)


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