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Studio time in LA recording the new album. Details to come in the following weeks, but I'm loving it already and I hope you will too!


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Below is translation of article Katia has put in but obviously must point out that it is about "Gems" not MB's new CD and too do not believe she has caught all of it in her copy and paste as the ending I have translated is the ending of her transcript for I have checked.
"Michael Bolton is doing is full of new friends. In his new album titled 21st Century Gems: The Duets Collection, the shaggy-haired former crooner revisits everyone from Bob Dylan to U2 in the company of a large number of vocalists and musicians from around the world.
And, while there are some familiar faces such as A.R. Rahman and the "soul man" British Seal, many of the performers are stars in the making, as Delta Goodrem Australia, Paula Fernandez of the Brazil and Helen Fischer, of Germany. Also, there are dependent on the various national editions, other exotic names.
"These are artists that one does not necessarily know, but which are known in Asia or Australia," explains the composer performer of 58 born Michael Bolotin.
"We got one of the greatest artists of Jakarta for the local version. We are in talks with several Chinese and Indians. This initiative really opened me to others while bringing them in my professional life."
It is a representative operation of its new strategy. Think globally and act vocally. "The funny thing is that it took me so much time before thinking about international registrations, in contrast to make an album in the United States and then promote globally. But, I have fans all over the world and I sell disks years 18 or 19 at the four corners of the Earth."
Recently, his audience is expanded to to include the young boys with The Lonely Island, his viral video extracted from the SNL show and where it delirium on Jack Sparrow, hero of the Cinematographiquepirates of the Caribbean franchise.
With Gems in store and Bolton back on stage - he spent eight months out of 12 on tour-, he took the time to talk about the most important parts of what makes a good duo and reaching highs.
So why does a successful duets album?
And well, I had to spend two years working hard on my last album One World One Love. Because I produce myself my disks, I'm in the studio until 4 in the morning six days, or even seven days a week. At the time, after two years (of the regime), it was very attractive to find myself with already written pieces and I wanted to interpret. I had two or three classic albums to success and the concept is out of it.
How did you find your partners? Many of them are not really known in North America.
No, but we were not looking the more obscure artists. The project began to have a life to him. When it starts records, people talk to each other and arrive so suggestions and requests for appointments with people such as Delta Goodrem, who is extremely well known in Australia. I know not all his voice, but as soon as I heard it, it thrilled me. I found myself to interpret his play I'm Not Ready, which speaks of a great moment in his life and with which I felt affinity.
What do you need to sing a Duet?
Vocally, there is need of tones that go together, so that we do not have the impression that all comes from another planet. Listen, as a producer, the way in which the voices blend and what are their tones.
Is it just art or is there also a certain magic?
It is necessary that it resonates emotionally and personally (song) so has a force. Otherwise, it is simply the fact of singing just. At the bottom, either the song tells you, or she does not speak.
Are the main songs from the albums best suited to duets, simply because they are more neutral?
They may be, you are probably right. But I had never really thought in these terms. When talking about songs, be they conventional or not, should we appreciate that they have success.
Speaking of successful collaborations, the Lonely Island video has been seen 22 million times. Many people assuming that you take seriously, it must be nice to show them another side of your personality.
Yes, it is. But if you spend two hours with me, you will realize that I find humor in everything that surrounds me. I believe that this bias is that I've always taken my career seriously. I am responsible for this intensity that people take for seriousness. Yes, I take my work seriously. What I liked about my work with The Lonely Island gang is that they too are serious when it comes to their professional achievements. We shot during 17 hours in a row for two days to make this video. And I was watching them work, they are like a"
Katia Merci pour votre article ! :) Devrait souligner qu'il s'agit de « Pierres précieuses » qui a été le dernier CD de Michael et n'avons autre thread qui couvre que. Ce fil est en relation avec son nouvel album qui s'appelle "Ain ' t aucune montagne haute assez – hommage à Hitsville, USA". Je me demande si vous êtes se mélanger avec le CD si vous avez tout vu et trouvé l'article que vous avez mis en, sinon, je m'excuse pour la fabrication de cette présomption!! :)  Traduction n'est pas parfaite car il ne faudrait pas lire la « ne pas » mais «ne » en ce qui concerne les autre fil Katia.
I have just told Katia that we have another thread for articles etc about "Gems" and have pointed out that that was Michael's last CD just in case she has maybe just found article and believes "Gems" is his new CD.
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Bonjour Sylvia,

Je suis désolè d'avoir mis l'article au mauvais endroit, il faut que tu veuilles bien m'excuser car je suis une novice pour votre forum et cela risque sans doute de se reproduire (comme je l'ai déjà fait pour les vidéos), j'étais tellement contente de vous faire partager enfin un article sur MB, surtout en france, et j'ai fait cela avec le coeur, donc encore désolé.


I'm sorry to have put the article in the wrong place, it is necessary that you want excuse me because I'm a newbie to your forum and this could probably happen again (as I've done for videos ), I was so happy to finally share with you an article on MB, especially in France, and I did it with the heart, so sorry again.

Bonjour Katia, premièrement, merci pour ton article! 2ièmement, aucun problème pour l’erreur: tu n'es ni la première, ni la dernière à faire ça et ce n'est pas grave. 3ièmement, si tu trouves d’autres articles isolés, tu peux toujours les mettre ici :

C’est un « fil » de discussion fourre-tout, mais qui a toujours rapport à Michael. Tu es très gentille d’avoir voulu contribuer ta part ma belle, merci encore! :D Fais atention à toi. Câlins, sincèrement, Sylvie du Canada


I’ve just thanked Katia for wanting to contribute and I told her where to put  isolated articles when she finds them. Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

avec grand plaisir


Welcome Katia and NO apology is ever necessary!!! We are all very flexible here and hope you enjoy the BEST Michael Bolton forum!!! Hope to see you post often and get your Michael fix right here!!!! :)))))) Thanks for the translation Sylvie :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

bonjour kathy,

merci encore de votre comprehension, mais ce n'est pas evident, en plus je suis française et blonde, non je rigole

a bientot

thank you enormously for your understanding, but it is true that it is not obvious but good "I am French and blonde" ......... So, no, I laugh!!
I hope to see you soon


LOL Katia.....that is ok...we encourage everyone to join us!!!! We ALL have some "blonde" in us and some us have a lot!!!! LOL 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hi Sylvia, thanks for saving me the work: I was gonna translate that “manually”... :D Now it was my understanding thatKatia knew this was an old article, but just didn’t know where to put it. She was just so happy she could contribute like everyone else. In any case, thanks again for the translation! Take care Sylvia. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

This is a link to a page that Marie attempted to put a link to over in the Photo thread and I hope it works folks for its contents is FANTASTIC for it is a video of Michael talking a little bit about new CD plus plenty of shots of him in the recording studios as well as travelling to various places and also too of him actually singing some bars from the songs that are obviously contained in the new is one great, spectacular find and I believe this CD is going hit the heights of Hitsville.    Have just got to add that Michael sings "Tracks of My Tears" and I said it was going to be a tear jerket and it is already for me.....too much but I can't wait to hear it all !!! LOL   Enjoy folks !!! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


P.S. Link does work and I do hope you can access video on page Sylvie and Robin CA and it is at top but contains central starting button not automatic play !!

OK so this site has a new look too.. WOW! Have not been on alot lately.....LOVE IT!!!


YES thanks for the link for the video about the making of the new CD!! LOVE IT too!!! I had to save it..CAnnot wait to hear him sing these songs live in February..He better put a few in the show!!!!!!


Robin in MD :)

OMG Sylvia!thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Spectacular is the word! I’ve listened to it 3 times and if I caught everything, seems like the track listings will be, according to what Michael sang and what we know already:

Ain’t no mountain high enough

My girl


You keep me hanging on

What’s going on (OMG, my tear-jerker)

Tracks of my tears

Gotta keep dreaming and believing

Heard it through the grapevine

Somethin’ outta nothin’ (Holand Dozier collaboration)

And maybe Ain’t nothing like the real thing that we heard him sing with Valerie Simpson! OMG, how many days until February 26:? 41 days and counting! lolOMG, he has to come back to Montreal this year! Again Sylvia, God bless you for posting this! Take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada who’s jumping up and down right now! lol

Ok...I watched the video once and now it isn't coming this happening to anyone else or is it my computer?


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