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Studio time in LA recording the new album. Details to come in the following weeks, but I'm loving it already and I hope you will too!


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Thanks for sharing all this great CD News!! GO MB!!!

Robin in MD :)

SUPER!!! Thanks Sylvia and Gail....way to go Michael!!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I have a question for those with the walmart cd. Does it include "Money"?

No Gail it does not have that song on there.  Somethin Out of Nothin is the only bonus track/new song. The others are from Vintage they added to it..I wish we had that track on there.

Robin in MD:)

Hi Gail, you're asking this question because of the "Good Day L.A." interview, aren't you? I caught that the interviewer mentionned it. The annoying thing is that "Money" was even included in the commercial Matthieu posted on the "promotions" thread. It sounds like Michael really wants to leave us dangling over that one,doesn't he? lol Let's just hope the foreign releases tracks will be announced soon. Take care Gail. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

My guess is that "Money" is on the promo CD that was given to media, but not on any of the actual releases

Ok...let's see...I have 3 books and 1 audio book and 2 cd' far...LOL How about the rest of you????? I guess MB can have extra pasta this month!!! LOL  Too much fun and GREAT music :)))) 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Here is my count:
1-audio version book
1-book Kindle version
1-book signed at NJ book signing
1-book signed at Atlantic City NJ concert (personally signed to Joy)
1-CD signed at State Theatre NJ show
My total is 5
(Kathy is the winner so far!)

LOL I have 3 signed hardcover copies of the book, one a very personal message I'll treasure forever.. 1 copy of the audio book signed/personalized, 1 copy of the original release of the CD signed/personalized and 1 Walmart copy of the CD with the bonus song Somethin' Out of Nothin"..


Yup, MB can eat well this month!!LOL

Robin in MD:)

Hi Kathy R. and All,

I have 1 book, one audio book, the hsn and wal-mart cds. Yep, extra pasta and M&Ms for MB this month, LOL....


Kathy T. :-)



Hello people!

I got 2 of my 3 versions of Michael's new album, HSN and Walmart versions. Still waiting for the regular one from Sweden. I didn't have time to read all your posts, so sorry if I repeat something:

1. Suzie Benson is backing vocals on Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing!!!!

2. Dave Delhomme hammond B3 on Gotta Keep Dreamin'

3. Michael Thompson guitar on Gotta Keep Dreamin'

4. Michael Lington sax solo on The Way You Do The Things You Do, Something Out Of Nothin' and of course What's Goin' On

5. Walter Afanasieff piano, keys, bass and programming on Something Out Of Nothin'

6. Michael is executive producer on the entire album and producer on 10th of the songs with Paul Mirkovich except Gotta Keep Dreamin' where the second producer is Dave Tozer.

7. The only song not produced by Michael is Something Out Of Nothin' produced by Walter Afanasieff

8. The bonus live Cd from HSN is taken from the album Til' The End Of Forever 2005 (songs 2-6 from Rama concert Ontario which was taped and released on DVD)



PS1. Wait in the near future, depending on US success, for more deluxe, platinum, titanium editions :) So we will have the song Money too!!

PS2. If Money is only on promo version for radios and press, I will have it too!! :)


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