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Studio time in LA recording the new album. Details to come in the following weeks, but I'm loving it already and I hope you will too!


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I saw this on her FB page too!!!!!!!..Was waiting for her to post it..LOL Sylvia I figured you would bring it over...I'm so excited as I wrote on FB I LOVE THIS SONG...this CD is going to be so cool!! I hope we hear this one soon, hope someone caught it on video..We have shows back here in February so this really works if he puts at least this one in the setlist by then and the CD comes out around then....Wooo Hooo!!!!!! Exciting times ahead..If the book is out in January/new CD this coming February---fun times for all of us!!! Yippee..


Robin in MD :)

Just to let you all know Kathy will be on soon with her review.....just resting up for a little while after one fantastic Bolton Adventure but that was a little piece of news that, even she agreed, couldn't wait to be shared and it would have been earlier but I had another "glitch" with my laptop but better late than never !!!! LOL    Maybe ANMHE and the one he sang at The there is a hint because it wasn't ANMHE....will be on the setlist for all the shows coming up in November and December too....Kathy T get that video recorder working well before he hits Tulsa .....okay ????? LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Looking forward to hearing from her Sylvia!!LOL

Robin in MD:)



KATHY T. ;-)

LOL Kathy T.....It will be a blast for sure!!

Robin in MD:)

Oh, Robin, you know it!!!!!! Sitting on pins and needles at times, trying to stay calm, NO WAY!!!!!!!!, LOL......


Kathy T. ;-)

I know it and it's got me excited for the shows later in February too...I will know from you all what to hopefully get to experience then!!!! :):) FUN TIMES to come for all of us!!! LOL

Robin in MD:)

It has taken great restraint to not by a York ticket and Airline ticket, Robin, you all have a dynamite concert coming yourselves, ohhh what fun that is going to be, girl!!!!

Kathy T. ;-)

Hi Ladies....I did post a little check-in way back where Robin posted about the upcoming MBC event in Reno. I put the message there because that is where I was Anyway...MBC was a GREAT event and I will try to finish my review by tonight....hopefully!! It was such a long night...oh my!!! Off to check on a family member and then back to typing :))

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Thanks to everyone for sharing news and reviews!!!!

Do you remember a happy MB in 2007? I just love his excitement while the choir was performing ...

Team Bolton performing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on Clash of the Choirs (2007)

Best wishes from Germany


PS. Sylvie and Robin R.: MB is seen on a little podestal in front of the stage clapping, dancing and singing along with "his" choir - just adorable - LOL

I do remember this Astrid!! Thanks for adding it in here!!!!!

Robin in MD :)

His enthusiasm and joy blows me away everytime I watch it. Can't wait to hear and experience that devine vibration through MB's voice - I know I'm carried away myself ... LOL



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