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Studio time in LA recording the new album. Details to come in the following weeks, but I'm loving it already and I hope you will too!


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Listen folks I went in to pre-order and it is coming out at over $20 for shipment to UK and it is not guaranteed until into March/April for delivery so thought twice about and also thought about "bundle" when Gems was released so believe I will calm down and wait and see what admin say and if there is any chance of any nice little "bundles" coming along with this one before I order, or even a signature being placed on as with Gems .....I will wait for news !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I am waiting also Sylvia because IF there are cd signings I don't want to have to buy lots of cd's :))) Shall see how things shake out ! Thanks Sylvie for posting....glad we have lots of detectives on this forum!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob


Good idea! Gail also suggested holding off awhile.  I was able to cancel my pre-order with Amazon for my hardcover book, because I am going to have to buy one at the booksigning.



I agree Joy. I would cancel also if I had a signing as early as you!! That is great and perfect timing for you!!! Have a great time and be sure to come back here and let us know how it goes. You will definitely have a moment with Michael because that is how it has been in the past! for you!!! ENJOY JOY!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Hey Kathy, you're welcome. I'm just glad we finally have a release date! I personally don't like to take chances so mine is pre-ordered, but I guess we'll see. Take care Kathy. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

You can sign up here for when and if it becomes available to have them e mail you that is for sale on


I e mailed and that is what they told me to do.  Maybe everyone that wants to buy it from could e mail them to ask about it's availability???  Maybe if we all bombard them with wanting this CD then they might look at getting it in for all for us!!!  Got to be worth a try!!!

Thanks for information about Amazon UK Alison and I did indicate that I wanted notified when they had it available but truly I believe I will wait and see if admin have any news about anything special being done by Michael for its release because the Gems package was pretty good although of course that came through Sony and if he has changed record label .....but still think I will wait !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Ok...I would like to make a suggestion here...this is for everyone and not just in the UK.  The next month or so there will be a great number of promotions for the CD coming up.  As you see the release was just put on late last night.  Why don't you wait a bit to preorder.  It isn't going to get to you any sooner preordering now as opposed to preordering in a few weeks.  There may be other places and times to preorder/order the CD.  I honestly don't know all the details but think back to the other releases and the way you could get the new CD...I'm sure some of those and other ways may be coming you may want to hold off a bit til all the info is out there...that's all I'm saying.  Gail

You have said enough so I shall wait and see. If nothing else I will save some money in the end!!! Thanks Gail for the news hot off the wire.....LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Great advice, Gail. That's what I'm doing....waiting before ordering.


Anna (in MO)

This article came out in September...haven't seen it so thougth I'd post for you...I bolded the paragraph referring to Michael:


McCartney and Gordy Unveil Refurbished Hitsville Steinway

Treasured Motown piano makes its debut following restoration during event at Steinway Hall in New York City; Paul McCartney and Berry Gordy play “Money (That’s What I Want)”
NEW YORK CITY — One of Motown’s prized musical instruments, a nine-foot 1877 Steinway grand piano, made its debut at a charitable event to benefit Motown Museum at Steinway Hall in New York City on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012, where Motown founder Berry Gordy and Paul McCartney played it for the first time following its extensive restoration.

With 100 patrons of Motown Museum in attendance, guests had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear Paul McCartney share with the audience why he was moved to support the restoration of this piano—one of the many instruments that helped create the legendary Motown Sound—following a visit to Motown Museum in July 2011, saying “We were wandering around Studio A inside Motown Museum, when I saw this piano I thought, I can’t come to Motown and not tinker on it. Once I realized it was unplayable, I called Steinway & Sons and they also realized…this piano was part of a major moment in history. And, now people in the future will record on it and keep the legacy of Motown alive.”

He also shared his personal appreciation for Motown and its musical influence.

“Growing up in Liverpool as little kids we started to get a feel for American music,” said McCartney. “And, suddenly it all changed—there was this sound we never heard before. So we bought the records like everyone else, we learned them.” McCartney said jokingly.

He continued, “When I went to Detroit last year, for me the Museum was such a special place where this music was made. If you are in Detroit you must go and see it—its history—that’s what it is.” Motown founder Berry Gordy spoke about the lasting cultural influence and social impact of Motown, the upcoming, highly anticipated opening of Motown: The Musical on Broadway in spring 2013 and the vital role and bright future of Motown Museum—as the physical space where the celebrated Motown legacy and its artifacts are protected and preserved to inspire future generations. He also told a story about the day he heard The Beatles wanted to use three Motown songs on one of their albums.

“That was the day Motown truly went international thanks to The Beatles,” said Gordy. “It is amazing to me how music continues to bring people together. Paul and I grew up thousands of miles apart and here we are united in music.”

Gordy continued, “I am so proud to stand next to you tonight,” he said to McCartney. “You are a dear friend who was the catalyst for this evening because of your love and appreciation of Motown.”

Paul McCartney and Berry Gordy unveiled the piano together by removing a covering with the Steinway & Sons emblem, with Paul McCartney saying to Berry Gordy, “I think you should kick it off, it’s your piano.”

Following the unveiling, the two musical icons together played an electrifying rendition of Motown’s 1959 first hit record “Money (That’s What I Want)” written by Berry Gordy that was subsequently covered by The Beatles. Berry Gordy started the song and then graciously asked Paul McCartney to take over. Paul McCartney then continued his performance by playing “My Valentine” followed by “Lady Madonna” and “Hey Jude.”

The meaning behind Project: Harmony—to celebrate Motown’s lasting legacy following this piano’s restoration—inspired other artists to perform and show their support as part of this special evening. Following McCartney and Gordy’s performance, the energy of the evening continued with singer/songwriter Michael Bolton and Motown star Valerie Simpson performing a powerful rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Avid Detroit supporter Kid Rock was also in attendance.

“My childhood was greatly influenced by Motown,” said Michael Bolton. “Listening to Paul McCartney talk about the influence of Motown tonight speaks to its magnificence and impact.”

The evening concluded with a live auction, with bidding led by Leila Dunbar—a recognized auctioneer and featured appraiser on Antiques Roadshow on PBS. The auction featured collectible music items to benefit Motown Museum, including a one-of-a-kind, metallic white 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar signed by Paul McCartney and Berry Gordy, Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson autographed “Shop Around” sheet music, two tickets to the opening night of Motown: The Musical, including access to a private post-reception following the event, two tickets to Paul McCartney’s “On The Run” North American VIP tour and a private party at Motown Museum for up to 200 people.

“This event served as another example of the continued worldwide appreciation of Motown, the depth of its enduring legacy and the powerful ability of this timeless music to transcend generations and move audiences today,” said Robin R. Terry, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Motown Museum. “We won’t soon forget the excitement and energy present this evening surrounding this piano and its place in music history thanks to Paul McCartney and Steinway & Sons. Their generosity has inspired others, including our patrons and the other artists who joined us for this special evening.Project: Harmony was a fitting celebratory send off for this piano as it makes its way home to Detroit following this restoration, where inside Motown Museum it will continue to be treasured, preserved and protected as an enduring part of Detroit and Motown’s lasting legacy.”

Ron Losby, President, Steinway & Sons—Americas said, “Steinway & Sons was honored to play our part in the restoration of this historic Steinway piano in the same New York factory where it was originally built in 1877. We are equally honored that the Motown Museum allowed us to host the public unveiling of this piano, Project: Harmony, at Steinway Hall. Motown and Steinway & Sons are inextricably linked in the annals of American music through the great Motown music that was performed and recorded on Steinway pianos. We feel that this piano is the embodiment of this partnership for the ages.”

Now that the event is complete, the piano will make its final journey home to Detroit where it will be put back on exhibit in Studio A inside Motown Museum. Plans are still being finalized for the arrival of the instrument in Detroit in late fall, where the Museum plans to utilize the newly restored piano in future performance and educational events.

The story of Project: Harmony began when Paul McCartney visited the Motown Museum in July of 2011, when he was so moved by its musical aura that he later declared it to be the “Holy Grail.” The next day after his concert in Detroit, he called the Museum to offer his support restoring this historic piano. Now its restoration is complete and all of its internal components are restored to professional recording quality. While the original strings, hammers and “action” were worn beyond repair, they were retained and will be returned to the Museum for exhibit. The piano’s case was left as is to preserve its authenticity and DNA, while the legs—which were not original—were replaced.

Built in 1877, the Victorian rosewood piano first made its way to Motown when the studio acquired Golden World Records in 1967. This facility was redubbed Motown Studio B and was used by the stable of Motown artists, musicians and songwriters to create more music by the likes of

Marvin Gaye, Earl Van Dyke of the original Funk Brothers, Stevie Wonder and Edwin Starr, to name a few.

Patrons of this exclusive event showed their support for Motown Museum and the importance of this cultural gem with their own individual contributions of $10,000 following the lead of Paul McCartney and Steinway & Sons’ generosity.

For those who don't remember her Valerie Simpson was half of the Ashford and Simpson duet that wrote Ain't No Mountain High Enough.  Ashford passed away about a year or so ago.


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