October 5, 2010

I would really like to purchase the CD or song that Michael Bolton sang on Dancin with the Stars tonight!

(Hallelujah)  Please email me to let me know where I can purchase it!



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I must have missed it... maybe I watched it and when I heard about a new cd, I just assumed it was the Christmas one. I will go back and look for the video, thanks. I have been glued to all the entertainment shows trying not to miss anything, but sometimes things get past me. With 3 kids running around, I don't always get to hear every word of the interview... thank goodness for the internet!!!
Talk to you soon : )
Hi Bev, Oh I know what it’s like trying to watch TV and pay attention when the kids are around… Here’s the video :
There’s a bit more in this video than what was aired on E.T. and Michael does mention May. He says it’ll be a duets album though, so I don’t know if he’d record it with someone or add it as a bonus track, sung by himself. I personally think he should definitely sing it by himself, with or without a choir or with or without music! Phew, can you imagine this song acapella, with nothing to distract you from that gorgeous tone? Well, I’m allowed to dream, aren’t I? :D All right Beverly, talk to you later, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks Sylvie!! I just watched it. I did not see that interview. I just hope this is now over and done with. Like I said, I am very happy he came back last night and showed them what he does best.... singing and looking good!!
THANKS For checking this for us Gail. It's beautiful and he should definitely record it!!!
Robin :)
Just watched the clip on you tube, amazing!!! Bravo Michael, it gave me goose bumps.

I found the performance of Hallelujah by Michael Bolton on DWTS "hauntingly beautiful". I have heard many versions of the song and now have a new favorite to remember. I appreciated the grace and professionalism displayed with the last minute "pinch hit" for Susan Bolye. Michale blended perfectly with the other musicians, dancers and children's choir for a beautiful class act. Thank you to all who made this performance possible. I would purchase a CD with the track and/or the itune when available.
No, no, no, no no!!!

Cant wait until the USA Mothersday........I want it in March for the UK Mothersday please!!!!!

Do any other Countries have Mothersday earlier in the year? If so, we want it released then.....ok?

Are you reading this Mr Bolton???? HUh???

Tut, Tut!! What are you doing to us??

Love Jennifer XXXXX

Pretty please??????
Who knows, it may not come out then either. Sometimes these things get delayed. We have learned to be patient when it comes to MB's CD's being released. It's always so worth waiting for!!! :)
Robin :)
If anybody wants his performance on mp3 let me know and I'll email you a copy

Payten,  can you please send this mp3 to me @ aanie5cats@yahoo.com


Thank you!

Hi Anne and since this is the first time I read your post, I'll welcome you to the forum. Now, Payten is my friend on the forum and I know she's very busy right now and doesn't post often and I'm frankly not sure how often she checks the forum. In any case, I tried sending you the mp3 since you openly posted your E-mail address but it bounced back. Just thought I'd let you know. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada 


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