Hello everybody.   I'm a newbie to this forum, but not to being a huge fan of Michael.  I've been a fan for 19 years now :)  I love his origional pieces, but he is so darn good at covering the classics too.   I wish I could put a bug in his ear and have him record two of my favorite songs.  "Song to the Siren" by Tim Buckley, and " I Don't Need No Doctor" by Ray Charles.  That one would fit beautifully on his blues album waiting in the wings.  :)   Do any of you have a wish list for him to cover?       Payten

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Thank you Dianna, We loved seeing him do these two during the ALW tour in 2000. Saw the show 10 times. Do you have the others he did also? OMG THANKS YOU!!!
Robin :)
I do Robin :)
Love Dianna xxx
I have all of Michael's songs from ALW tour. I sure doo.
Dianna, Thank you soooooo much for posting :) I really enjoyed that. it was beautifully done. It was different then I was expecting, though. The key was lowered a bit. It really explored his lower register when I was expecting the higher one :). His voice sounded very rich. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!! Payten
I have a wish list for Michael.
For him to cover, me in his arms again.
My biggest gun, my lobster and my confidante' not to mention, my best friend...Oh wait a minute you were wanting a song? I will work on the finishing touches and hopefully, Michael will hear it this time...
The title is;
The Labor of Love
Some of my personal favourites:
Tony Bennett - "The way you look tonight"
Aaron Neville - "Tell it like it"
any Van Morrison track specially "Have I Told You Lately That I love You" or "Someone Like You"
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You
Sam Brown - Stop
George Michael - I Cant Make You Love Me
Stevie Wonder - Lately

I could go on and on!! I love the cover versions, Mb does them so well, I would love to hear any of the above as a great MB cover!
Oz I would love him to sing "Have I told you lately that I love You"
"The way you look tonight" would be another good one :)
Love Dianna xxx

I recently heard Bob Dylan - Make you Feel My Love, I love this and know it would sound amazing if MB sang it too!!!


Michael could make any song sound great. Because his voice is so powerful and so amazing.
Chelsea x
I hope I'm doing this right but cover songs I'd LOVE for Michael to do is These Arms of Mine by otis Redding &professionally this change is gonna come.
Thank you Jennifer, times a million. Those were awesome. My MP3 player thanks you as well. How many more treasures are out there waiting be be found????
Thanks so much for sharing these!!!!! They are amazing to listen to. What a voice!!!!

Love Eileen xoxo


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