I was sitting around in my room, when the song "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston came to mind, and for some odd reason I visualized Michael Bolton singing it, and now it's all I can think about! I wish he would cover it!

What songs do you think he should cover?

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Hi brady

i made that banner many many years ago would be a dream to have it happen.

I love Bob Seger and i think Michael would do some of his songs justice .

Sylvie is just fanastic she holds all her knowledge in her head and when it comes to Michael she is just the greatest sause of knowledge.

Hope you enjoy our little world and if you ever hve the opportunity to see MB in concert please do, i tell you this man is just so gifted he sounds even better live honest.

All the best

sorry folks having some trouble with this ipad cant seem to correct my spelling mistakes or sign my name if i try to go to the next line all the best Dianna xxx

Apology accepted Dianna but none needed !! :)   I don't even know what an iPad looks like let alone how to start operating one so, as far as I am concerned, you are in the genius category Dianna  !!! :)   All this new technology:  right over my head.....away to blow out the candles as it is starting to get light here and don't want to waste them !! lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Dianna, thank you for the cheering section sweetie!XD My personal favorite from Bob Seger is "Like a rock". Well let's face it: Michael's one of those few artists who could sing the phone book or a bubblgum wrapper and he always seems to be in the process of making his songs sound better, so no wonder he's awesome live! Take care sweet Dianna. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Hey Sylvie everything I said is true :)

Old Bobbie boy well my favorite's would have to be

We've got tonight

You'll accompany me

Still the same

and many more LOL!

Michael is very gifted and he really does seem like a nice person as well, a very caring person just like my Bill :)

Love Dianna xxx



These of cause were done with Bob seger and the Silver bullet band


I must say that I think Michael Bolton could really do this song amazingly! Tell me what you think! :)


Yes Brady T I believe Michael could do that song justice and as David Foster produced that version I am sure MB could ask his old friend to produce his version....well chosen Brady !! :)

On "Georgia" there are many versions and some more spectacular than others....there are one or two when MB has sung and been accompanied by Kenny G  that are quite outstanding and they are well worth the listen too but, as I say, there are plenty to get your ears into !!! :)

Hope you continue to enjoy catching up on MB and his music and that you enjoy wandering about the forum and looking in on all the threads and joining in in discussions wherever you want - okay Brady ??? :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



Oh My God, Brady is a beautiful song. Yes I think that Michael would play beautifully.
Wow! I was very touched.
You too have a good ear to recognize the pieces that could interpret our Michael.
I embrace you with affection.

You know Brady that is a beautiful song, just beautiful and Wendy Moten does a great job of it

I can't really imagine Michael doing it but hey that's me

Thanks for sharing it though cause now I'm going looking for her CD she has such a wonderful voice wow

Thanks again Brady



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