Ok ,So having posted about this i was wondering what songs you would like to hear Michael sing in his concerts.I know we all love the hits but im sure there are songs that he hasnt sang live in a long time or ever.I love anything he sings and would be happy if he sang the phonebook but would be intersted to see what you all would like to hear live.My set list would include all the usual hits but i would love to hear some of these .






"That's What Love Is All About


You wouldnt know love


From now on


Back on my feet again


Stand up for love


Missing you now


The one thing


Soul of my soul




Make a long story longer


Best of love


We're not making love


A love so beautiful


I promise you


Once in a lifetime



Dance with me


Next lifetime


Till the end of forever



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OK, Murder My Heart, and he used to do a medley of Soul Provider/Missing You Now which I loved.
I Promise You, Sign Your Name, heard it once and not ever again, Murder My Heart, My Lady,
Ain't Got Nothing if You Ain't Got Love, I've not heard that one in years live. Love With My Eyes Closed was great in concert too. It's hard for him I'm sure to keep everyone happy!!

Robin :)
I hear you Sharon&Robin the songs yawl listed. Wow! You wouldn't know Love. I tried to do that in karaoke. Imagine that? I botched it up but had fun.

A lot of those songs. I wanna love you with my eyes closed. Yes ma'm. Love that to death.

"I promise you" would be too beautiful. People like me would cry though I'd love to hear it. also, "Hear me." Woe is me. Yes indeed----Tears? yes, tears Buckets. I'll never forget when he did drift away in El Mira New York September of 2003. Wow! I screamed, jumped up almost stood onmy chairs, sat down,&cried.

Robin the boltonnut form L. A. CA

Love this thread already.
I've heard him do yesterday in 2001 at the 2 symphony tours I went to 9/8/01&10/30/01.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
I liked that one too Robin during he Symphony Tour! It was beautiful!!! The Symphonie's added an additional layer to the music, it was beautiful!!!
Robin :)
I remember when he did the 4th song on the Arias CD on 9/8/01&I cried buckets of tears. I can't write its title.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
That song still gives me goose bumps each time I listen to that CD! :-) I'm with ya Robin!
Ha Ha Ha!! Just one or two then Sharon!!

Well my list would have to include-

1/ Walk away

2/ Missing you now.

3/ Pourquoi me reveiller

4/ Uno furtiva lagrima (with me dueting with him)

5/ Yesterday

6/ Butterfly kisses

7/ Hear me

8/ Why me?

9/ The Courage in your eyes

10/ Jailhouse rock.

Thats just a few, I could go on and on and on and on and on!! Ha Ha!!

If the same songs crop up in several peoples lists perhaps we could hold a poll so that Michael can see which songs we would love to be 'resurrected'?

Great topic Sharon. Thanks for posting it.

Love Jennifer XX
Thats a great idea Jenn .We will give it a couple of days and maybe do a poll of most popular.xx
Amen for Michael to see our lists&the most requested? I'm ready.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA USA
I would love to hear more of his newer songs along with his older ones!! I would love to hear Aint got nothing if you aint got love, Dance with me, My Lady, and Soul of my soul , just to name a few!! Anything Michael sings is GREAT!!!!!
What came to my mind for Michael to sing at his concerts was, "The Best" & "Survivor" from the recent CD One World One Love also for him
to sing "White Christmas" a holiday tradition song you know.
How about "When I'm Back On My Feet Again", I'll Be There (To give you all the love that you need), "Hold On I'm Coming".


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