Ok ,So having posted about this i was wondering what songs you would like to hear Michael sing in his concerts.I know we all love the hits but im sure there are songs that he hasnt sang live in a long time or ever.I love anything he sings and would be happy if he sang the phonebook but would be intersted to see what you all would like to hear live.My set list would include all the usual hits but i would love to hear some of these .






"That's What Love Is All About


You wouldnt know love


From now on


Back on my feet again


Stand up for love


Missing you now


The one thing


Soul of my soul




Make a long story longer


Best of love


We're not making love


A love so beautiful


I promise you


Once in a lifetime



Dance with me


Next lifetime


Till the end of forever



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Silvy ,Wow love this song! Haven't heard it in ages!!! Thank you!!!!

Love Eileenxoxox
Ah! ha! Don't make me wait for love. OMG! Love! it! Hot! flash! :D

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA

Enough to make one scream&........
I would love him to perform Its Only My Heart, Wait on Love, Ain't Got Nothing If You Ain't Got Love, You Wouldn't Know Love, Love Is A Wonderful Thing, Walk Away, You Comfort Me, That's What Love Is All About, and every song he sang on his live DVD at the Royal Albert Hall.
My crazy lovable friend Sylvie in Canada, sent me a video of Michael the other day, singing a song in Spanish which was really nice! Since Michael likes to try different songs at his concerts (like Sweet home Chicago), I was thinking "La Bamba" would be a good choice!! I can picture him playing the guitar and singing this song live...it would be fun! Not unless he's performed this in the past and I'm not aware of it. Well, it's an idea. :)

well theres a few i would love to hear one impaticular

can't get close enough to you i love this song so much
pleasure or pain
forever's just a matter of time
invisible tattoo

Helen, great choice would be mine too and 'thats what love is all about'. It is great when MB sings something different unexpected, this year was the first time I heard 'Rock me baby', 'Sweet Home Chicago' and 'Hallelujah' live, which I loved! But as long as he keeps singing 'to love somebody' I am happy!


Hi Oz, do you have a special story about "To love somebody"? Just curious. The first time I heard it live in person, it was in 2003 and that's when Michael started singing it acoustically, just like on the "Til the end of forever" CD, I just love that version so much... Thanks for sharing Özlem, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie, I just really love this song (to love somebody), it never made an impact on me from the Timeless album, wasn't till I heard the live version on one of the concert DVDs I found last year that I fell in love with it, I listened and I cried, but I still love it. I'm sure I am not the only person to have my heart broken!


You'll laugh. At work we listen to piped in Xmas music. There are 3 different versions  of Run, Run, Rudolph. One very blues, one very rock. And there a part that they sing "all I want is an eletric guitar". And I keep thinking I'd love to hear Michael sing this song. So if it's a Christmas concert...............

I was really hoping he'd do That's What Love Is All About when he was at the Star Plaza in IN.  But no such luck.  No matter though, the concert was still INCREDIBLE.  Another would be When I'm Back On My Feet Again and ANYTHING from 'Everybody's Crazy'.

Hi Frank and welcome to the forum! When was this concert in Indiana? Just curious. Well, glad you enjoyed it. Wow, I like your song choice! WIBOMFA is my absolute favorite song and I’m positive a lot of people would love it if Michael sang it again… Sorry you didn’t hear your fav song in person, but you can always hear it either on the “This is Michael Bolton” VHS or the “Best of Michael Bolton live” 2004 DVD! As far as the “Everybody’s crazy” songs, most of us would probably fall over in shock if he sang those! :D Well, take care Frank and hope you enjoy this forum as much as we do. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi!  Hey thanks for the welcome.  He was at the Star Plaza on Sat, Nov 6th of this year.  Great, great show.


Thanks for the heads-up on the live 2004 DVD - I'll have to check that out.  And yeah, I know thinking we'd hear anything from Everybody's Crazy is a big BIG dream, but we can always hope, right?  And he DID include a mention of the album in his excellent tour program.  Speaking of older songs, I still think there's some he could play from the older stuff that would still fit in with his current material - with 'I Almost Believed You' from the 'Michael Bolton' album being a great example.  Ah well... maybe some day??


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