Suggestions for songs to be included in Michael's Set List for 2015

This thread has been started because of an idea a few of us had and which some of us, such as myself, Kathy LAFD and Petra decided to go a stage further with and come on here and ask you to post FIVE songs that Michael has not sung on stage, rarely sings on stage or, has not sung for a number of years, which you would love to hear him singing at a concert. We know and understand, everyone has their own favourites and some are probably those that Michael has in his set list at present, like Steel Bars, When A Man Loves A Woman, but we ask you to think carefully about your FIVE songs and to try and pick those that he seldom sings but which YOU love.

What we hope to achieve is a list, of the TOP 10 songs that YOU will have chosen, which we can present to Michael and ask him to give consideration to possibly including, at least, one of the songs on his set list during 2015 as it being a song voted on by his fans. We have asked Gail, moderator of the forum, for permission to do this and also if she would be willing to pass our list to Michael and she believes a good idea and has agreed to pass to Michael on our behalf. Have to make it very clear, whilst list will be passed to Michael, it gives no guarantee you will hear one of your songs at a concert you go to, nor does it guarantee, Michael will feel it relevant, to include any of the songs voted on, in his 2015 set list.

We hope it lets Michael see how much we care about his music and how much we love it all. Also how much we appreciate the way Michael involves his audience, US, so much in all of his shows and how much we all thank him for doing so. Have also to say hope it lets him see how much fun we all have coming together on this forum which is a part of Michael's website and for those that do not know, this was something Michael himself asked be included when this website was set up. The facility of a forum is available on these sites but the great majority of celebrities do not give this to their fans i.e they don't pay for it, as Michael does, for us.

We are asking that you have your FIVE songs posted on this thread by 1st December so, before the Christmas rush starts, we are able to draw up the TOP 10 list. It will also give Gail the opportunity to send to Michael before 2015 arrives. Only one post, containing five songs, is allowed per person.

In advance, we want to thank everyone who comes onto this thread, for your support is more than appreciated and we also hope you have FUN in thinking up your FIVE songs. We also hope, during 2015, Michael sings all your favourites and each and everyone of you has a concert, as near your doorstep as can be, so that you get to a show next year

Picture was taken on 20th May, 2014 at Cliff's Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, UK and please feel free to use if you wish to. 

Sylvia, Kathy LAFD and Petra.

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Thanks Cattet for coming back in and this will definitely be sent to him so we will wait and see what happens next year at concerts and I think he might get a surprise at the variety and number of different songs that have been chosen because so far we have 127 songs and there is really only a couple that have been picked that are still quite regularly sung so it is some list and it, along with the final Top 10, will be published

Agree with you about the "oldies" listen to them often and one I love is "Take Me As I Am" but they really are all fantastic and well, well worth listening to.

Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for voting Cattet!! I love your comments about Michael's early songs :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

If I remember correctly, you were going to send me the top 10 songs to present to him.  I think at this time of year and his tour schedule that would be best.  The thread here would take him a bit to get through to see the songs...which I will send him but I think the list is best.  ;) Gail

Thanks Gail and a Top 10 list will be drawn up separately and we are also going to place on here a full list of all the songs chosen and how they were voted for plus a list of all the names of people who have voted as we have been keeping that running as the voting has gone along.

The voting closes on 1st December and we are saying midnight EPT and that gives everyone round the globe a full day to vote and we will announce results on 4th December and couple of days between is because the three of us are in different times zones so it gives us the chance to send all our stuff to each other for verification before we make any announcement.

I will get in touch with you Gail as best way to get Top 10 to you and therefore to Michael...okay ??

Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, I appreciate that you'll be posting the entire list, because as I've been reading titles from everyone, I was curious to know which album most excerpts were picked from. Thanks again Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D 

Hi Cattet and welcome to the forum. I think most of us have the old school songs on our Technicolor dream list. :D I’m not sure  how many members actually knew Michael pre “The hunger”, but I’m sure a high majority have gotten to know “Michael Bolton”, “Everybody’s crazy”, the Black Jack albums and even the  Bolotin albums. Thank God for Amazon and EBay! :D Thanks for sharing Cattet, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Sylvie, I discovered some of these song by accident, and had to have them What I enjoyed most was reading comments from the younger fans who didn't know that Michael was in a rock band back in the day, and they're blown away at how talented he truly is. :-)

Hi again Cattet, That's interesting. May I ask how long you've been a fan? I personally discovered the pre-"the hunger" albums thanks to the CBS record and tape club, remember that, back in the dinosaur days? :D I have to say that since "Jack Sparrow", I really love reading comments on older Michael videos. Frankly, a lot of kids are amazed at Michael's voice and simply enjoy what they call "real music". I'm just glad YouTube is around. Thanks again for sharing Cattet, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

@Sylvie, I have been a fan since his first hit (How Am I Supposed to Live Without you) his Soul Provider album and I had the cassette tape (couldn't afford a CD player). I was black teenage girl at the time and walked up to the counter to ask where to find the Michael Bolton tape black guy behind the counter looked at me like and asked "Sistah, are you serious?" (sorry, MB wasn't considered cool in da hood) I said yes.. The guy gave me that "give me your black card" look but pointed to the new release. Bought the tape and played it and played it to death. Been a fan ever since..What about you?

Hi Cattet, thanks for your response. Heehee, I love it! Michael had a lot of anecdotes in early interviews about people thinking he was black, before seeing the videos... :D As for myself, I just fell in love with “When I’m back on my feet again” hearing it on the radio. I’d asked my husband to get me the album with this song, but he came back with a tape of “Time love and tenderness” instead. So I wore out that tape, then got everything I could find on the Columbia/CBS record and tape club and the rest, as they say, is history. :D Thanks a lot for sharing sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

 Sing A Love So Beautiful for us.  You do it so well.

Hi Linda and lovely to see you over here and thanks for popping in, means a lot !!! :)  You have only named 1 song Linda whereas you can pick 5 so if you want to come in with another 4, more than welcome to but in the meantime, I will register your 1 song for you...okay ??

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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