Talent Show - BOLT OF TALENT with info on follow on Asian Dream Tour.

Michael is holding a talent show in Asia with entries coming from Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines in conjunction with Star World Asia and Fox TV.  Here are posters, plus link to video, advertising show as well as an article which gives more detailed information of exactly what the competition involves, hopes to achieve and what is on offer.



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Article on Lance Busa winning Bolt of Talent

Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend
Thank you for all the updates . An amazing young man. Very happy for him. Regards , Usha

Super article on Michael's upcoming shows in Asia on his Asian Dream Tour and also about Lance Busa joining him as winner of talent show


Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend


Michael has answered tweet on song which premiered on Bolt of Talent and he has said it will be called "RISE".  He has also said it will be released but not quite yet.  Am trying to find out if there will be an album or if it will only be released as a single.   Below is link to song which I have referred to previously as being called "This Is Your Time" but which we now know is RISE.


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Looking for something on YouTube and look what I came across the first episode of Bolt of Talent from Manila in the Philippines.  We have seen a few short videos which show parts of this episode but this is the complete thing.  Now to go and find the other 5 episodes we haven't seen !!! LOL


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


That was cool . Thank u Sylvia .

For information there is a competition being held on FB to win 3 pairs of tickets to Michael's Asian Dream Tour show in Singapore on 15th November.  Here is link into page which gives all the details ....


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Wouldn’t that be a lovely experience. Good luck to those who enter. Regards, Usha

Michael has posted below tweet with pic

here I come! #2017…

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Michael has arrived in Singapore and has done two radio interviews on behalf of Subaru and first was with Mike Kasem for Gold 905 and second was with Yasminne Cheng for Singapore Radio 95 fm.  First pic shows Michael with Mike Kasem and second with Yasminne Cheng.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I guess the question is : How to keep up with Michael Bolton ??? . Regards, Usha

Run, run, run and then RUN some more !!! LOL

Sylvia  YWSF  27


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