Michael's songs and voice have been a part of my wife and my 19 1/2 years of marriage, and then some.  His songs have captured and expressed our emotions and love, through good times and bad, like no other artist.  But his lyrics have always given us hope and sustained us.  Having been a Marine for over 21 years, we've had to endure times apart.  In 1989, during Just Cause in Panama, she would send me tapes, expressing her love and devotion; On my boat ride to the Middle East, in 2003, it was CDs with Michael's voice connecting us and expressing what we could never capture in our own words. 


My trip back to Iraq in 2005 was more difficult for us.  I was ready to retire from the Marines, but pulled my retirement to go back.  Not because I believed in the politics, but because I knew I had abilities that could help my fellow Marines.  Again, her love poured out to me through the voice and lyrics of Mickey B.


Now I'm retired and living in Kansas.  Two nights ago we went to hear him again in concert.  The power, depth, and range of his voice were as fresh as the first time we heard him.  Leaving the concert, two ladies ahead of us were asking each other, "What is he?  an alto? a tenor?".  I yelled up to them, he's just a FANTASTIC singer.


As much as we enjoy his music and voice, I hope when we're celebrating our 50th anniversary, he's out playing golf, shooting hoops, or enjoying his great-grand children.


Thank you for the gift of your music and all that it's done for us.

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Hi Jim and welcome to the forum! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story! I’m so very glad for you and your wife that Michael has been such a lifeline and a “loveline” so to speak for both of you… God bless you for your great will to serve your country Jim. Lol Way to tell those ladies at the concert! Who needs to define the voice of an angel that soothes and uplifts your spirit every day? You don’t, you just enjoy it! Michael said that he’d sing as long as people will listen, but I do get your point that he should find time to enjoy life too. Jim, if I may ask, are you the same Jim who used to post on the old “Michael’s place” web site around 2000-2001? Just curious. I’ve been following for years but this is the first site I’ve been able to take part in. Well I’m glad you enjoyed the show and thanks again for sharing Jim and maybe your wife could join us too sometime? Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
What a beautiful story. Jim. your wife is a very lucky lady to have you to share Michael with and you also to share her with Michael.

How amazing that Michael kept you two in contact throughout your marine years.

Michael does indeed have an amazing voice. He sure can belt out a tune cant he? Ha Ha!!

I'm glad the concert was such a treat for you. Lets hope it wont be too long before your next dose of 'Michael medicene'.

Dont be a stranger.

Love Jennifer XX
Hi and welcome to the forum Jim it is always nice to hear from someone who respects and loves Michael's Music as much as we do ::)

I must say I'm a little jealous (Just kidding) my husband has only just discovered how great MIchael Bolton is this year although he has listened to his music for over 21 years he never really listened nor did he appreciate what I already knew LOL!
We have been together now for 28 years.Would have been nice to have shared for the 21 years I have enjoyed MB's music for though.

I have to say I don't believe in politics too much either Jim, but I can respect the fact that you had continued to serve for your country so thank-you and it's so very nice to hear how much you and your wife enjoyed Michael's concert
Thanks for sharing
Blessings to you and your wife

Oh My Goodness Jim,
I read this sight almost daily and rarely comment but I must say:
THANK YOU. Thank you for what you have done for this American, her children, her granddaughter and all of us. Thank you to your wife for her sacrifices as well. These words are so shallow compared to what you have done for us but I mean them from the bottom of my heart. God Bless YOU.
Hey there Jim,
You are also considered to be a Man of Hour, your braveness, and loyalty to us, means our every being, will continue to survive and what more can we ask for? Only one thing that you all should know is how much we appreciate your Love back to us for doing it, in the first place...God Bless All of you Soldiers! For taking care of Us in our homes and Country that you honor.



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