Posted specifically for Sharon and my brother Mike, but all those who are fans of MJ......


Why didn't we embrace him?

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Thanks James .Still can't believe he's gone .I bought tickets to go see  Thriller live for this month .seem it last year & although was unsure it was brill .Would recommend to everyone .x

No worries. Still cannot believe he is no longer here. Tragic and it could have easily been avoided!


Mike saw Thriller Live! last year and he was the same as you in so much as he wasn't sure what to expect. He enjoyed it, but couldn't help feeling that it wasn't the same obviously) and made him miss MJ more, wishing he was on stage.


Just  glad we were around when he was and that I managed to see him live 3 times! This Is It would have been my 4th

Link isn't working ,maybe because I'm on my phone .Will try on comp tommorow 

Thanks to see this too!!!




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