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As I mentioned in an earlier thread back in June.....I belong to The Knight of Columbus (I'm a Columbiette) here in New York.  Twice a year in June and November, the Columbiettes have a Luncheon/Fundraiser at our council.  We raffle off many cool prizes, that the members donate and we also receive donations from various stores and individuals.  We raffle off money prizes, gift baskets, tickets to baseball games....just to name a few.  The money we collect goes to various charites which include St. Jude's Children's Hospital, MDA and others. 

Since Michael was nice enough to sign so many copies of "Gems", I was able to get an extra copy of it along with the T-shirt, to give away as a small prize for the fundraiser.  I was going to created a small gift basket with Gems and a few other MB items.  But then my wee friend Sylvia, was nice enough to volunteer to help me out with my idea and is sending me lots of goodies to go into the basket!!!  Now my little basket has turned into a big basket!!!!!   I have purchased a real nice size basket and have the cellophane wrapping paper as well.  Some of the items we are adding into the basket, include various CD's of Michael, the Lee Randall book, magnet, key chain and at least one 45 record to give the basket a "music" feel.  I have purchased a set of 3 scented candles....each candle is black with a swirl design and they each have one word on them "Sing", "Dance" and "Love".  Later on, I plan to buy some chocolates and a Christmas Beanie Baby to gift the basket a "Christmas feel" as well.  Sylvia is still in the works on sending me various items, so this basket will really look like a "Gem" of a gift when it's finally all together!!!! 

It is really fun and exciting....putting this Gift Basket together with Sylvia, and I hope the person who wins it is a real Bolton fan who will appreciate it!!!!!   I will take a few pictures of it once it's together (that will be in November), and post it here so everyone can see it.

Just wanted to share this with all of you!!!  And a big Thank You to the Wee one for all her help!!!!!    :)




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OK Gang.....Latest update on the basket:


I have purchased a Christmas Bear Beanie Baby with a santa hat, which is really cute!!  Last night, I was thinking about all the items that I have so far and realized that most of the items are flat: the CD's, the 45's, the book....so I was worried about filling up some of the space inside the basket.  So I thought of something that I have myself and decided to buy it for the basket.  So I ordered a battery operated Fiber Optic Snowman, that will really fill up the basket nicely!!!  I will hang the Michael Bolton key ring that Sylvia sent over... on one of the arm branches, and that should look really nice!!!  So glad I found one on the internet and ordered it ASAP!!!  Got it on sale too!!  I have some idea's on decorating the basket itself, so will work on that within the next few weeks.  I will buy some Chocolates, Candy Canes or Italian candy, as soon as November hits us.  I believe the fundraiser is the second Saturday in November, but I will confirm that as soon as i can.  So will keep all of you posted as this comes together......


Nice weekend to everyone!!   :)



Sounding good Helena.........can I buy a raffle ticket for the basket ???????????????????? lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Sure Wee One....LOL!!!  :)



Hey Helena, have you tried searching for an MB Xmas ornament on EBay? There are usually a few floating around and with Xmas coming, there should be more. Well girl, your basket really is coming along nicely, good for you girl! Take care Helena. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie, I did see an ornament of Michael, but was not crazy about how it looked.  Today, I did picked up a set of 2 kitchen hand towels that says "Happy Holidays" on it, and has a Poinsetta design too.  Thought they were really nice!!  Once I get the snowman, I will organize the items in the basket and see how much space (if any) is left.  I will get the candy at the last minute.  I want to buy some garland, to decorate the basket itself...but for now there is till lots of Halloween decor out there, so need to wait a few more weeks to find what I need.  Luckily I still have plenty of time to put it all together!!  Take care my nutty friend!! Hugs, Helena..xx..

Ok Gang....the latest news....


The official date of the Fundraiser is Saturday November 19.....Yay!!!!  I spoke to the past president of the Columbiettes to find out the date and also when to bring the basket over to the Council.  She suggests that I bring it before the fundraiser.  So I will bring it the night of our monthly meeting which is November 10.  That will give me time to pick up some candy and to decorate the basket itself.  Then I can fix it up all nice and it will be good to go!!!  I did take a few pictures of the basket and items with a disposable camera, but the place that usually develops pictures near me, no longer develops film!!  What a bummer!!!  So I have to take it some place else and get my pictures developed.  Time for me to buy a digital camera!!!  Not sure if I will buy one before the fundraiser though....  If not, I will still take pictures of the basket on the day of the fundraiser and try to post them later on... I will try my best!!  I would really like to show everyone how it came out, once it's all together.  :)

To be continued.....


Hey Helena, thanks for this week's instalment of "The basket of our lives"! :D Good luck with the pictures sweetie. Maybe someone with a phone can help you with the pictures? It's a thought. Take care Helena. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks for up-date Helena and looking forward to seeing those pictures and glad too that you managed to get a definite date and as you say gives you time to get it all ready !!!! lol.

Capt.  Sylvia Sparrow.   Your wee Scottish friendly pirate

Hey girls,

I found out today, that they would prefer I bring the basket in the morning of the fundraiser, which is great!!  Gives me more time to get the rest of the items and put it together.  So I'm glad about that!! 

My mother said she wants to buy me a digital camera for Christmas, and maybe get it before the holidays!!  What a nice mom!!!  She is having her second cataract surgery this week, and once she is feeling better we may go shopping for a new camera.   Yay!!!   :)

Will keep you all posted!!


Hey Helena, good for you about the camera and my best wishes to your mom sweetie, thanks for the update. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

That is great news about camera Helena and I should think too your mom is quite pleased at not having all the hassle of having to think of something !!! :)   Give her my best for her op. - thinking of her !! :)

Capt. Sylvia Sparrow.   Your wee Scottish friendly pirate

Thanks girls!!  I'll let my mom know you wish her well!!  :)


Hugs, Helena..xx


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