Hey Gang,


As I mentioned in an earlier thread back in June.....I belong to The Knight of Columbus (I'm a Columbiette) here in New York.  Twice a year in June and November, the Columbiettes have a Luncheon/Fundraiser at our council.  We raffle off many cool prizes, that the members donate and we also receive donations from various stores and individuals.  We raffle off money prizes, gift baskets, tickets to baseball games....just to name a few.  The money we collect goes to various charites which include St. Jude's Children's Hospital, MDA and others. 

Since Michael was nice enough to sign so many copies of "Gems", I was able to get an extra copy of it along with the T-shirt, to give away as a small prize for the fundraiser.  I was going to created a small gift basket with Gems and a few other MB items.  But then my wee friend Sylvia, was nice enough to volunteer to help me out with my idea and is sending me lots of goodies to go into the basket!!!  Now my little basket has turned into a big basket!!!!!   I have purchased a real nice size basket and have the cellophane wrapping paper as well.  Some of the items we are adding into the basket, include various CD's of Michael, the Lee Randall book, magnet, key chain and at least one 45 record to give the basket a "music" feel.  I have purchased a set of 3 scented candles....each candle is black with a swirl design and they each have one word on them "Sing", "Dance" and "Love".  Later on, I plan to buy some chocolates and a Christmas Beanie Baby to gift the basket a "Christmas feel" as well.  Sylvia is still in the works on sending me various items, so this basket will really look like a "Gem" of a gift when it's finally all together!!!! 

It is really fun and exciting....putting this Gift Basket together with Sylvia, and I hope the person who wins it is a real Bolton fan who will appreciate it!!!!!   I will take a few pictures of it once it's together (that will be in November), and post it here so everyone can see it.

Just wanted to share this with all of you!!!  And a big Thank You to the Wee one for all her help!!!!!    :)




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I got some Godiva Chocolates and Red/White Christmas garland to decorate the basket.  Just want to buy some Candy Cane's and then we will have everything for the basket....Yay!!!!  Will just have to put it all together and bring it to the council on November 19!!!  Thanks again to my nutty Scottish friend, for all the items you sent to me, in order to make this basket a real "Gem"!!!!   :)



It was your idea that got it off the ground and it is the way you are going to dress it that is going to make it a little "Gem" hardly my wee part in it for all I have contributed BUT if I could get the man himself and tie him up in a wee bow and sit him in the basket then I would agree with you I would be responsible for a "GEM" !!!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend who sure has some imagination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

LOL!!!!  Very funny wee one!!!   :)


Helena  xx

ok Gang....

The gift basket is now complete!!!  I got everything inside the basket, just have to put the cellophane wrap and tie it with red bows and it will be all set for this coming Saturday morning!!!  This past weekend, I've been sick with a nasty cold...but I managed to get out of the house for a few hours and mom bought me a new digital camera!!!!  I will learn to use it during this week (when I'm home from work) and hope to take some shots of the basket and post it here and on Facebook for everyone to see!!!  This is my first time using a digital camera...so wish me luck...LOL!!!!   :)


Hi Helena,

I will look forward to the pictures

I too hope whomever wins it is a Michael Bolton Fan as well

Good luck on the fundraiser for your worthy charities

Love Dianna xxx

You will be fine with the camera and just remember it is the little "image" box next to link on tool bar that you want to go to to transfer your picture when it is ready for the "big screen"......we should hold a premiere for "Helena's first digital photograph to go worldwide" !! LOL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Hey Helena, congrats on getting the basket completed in time and break a leg on the picture, fundraiser and upload sweetie! Oh I hope you feel better soon, but I guess if you're coming on here, you're at least functional so that's very good to hear! :D Take good care of yourself Helena and keep us posted. Big warm hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Girls!!  I'm still feeling like a Zombie today, not really feeling better yet....but made it to work today.  Luckily, I have till Saturday to take pictures of the basket, so I still have time...thank goodness!!  You are right Wee One, someone should roll out the red carpet when I actually put the pictures here.....LOL!!!  I agree Dianna, hopefully a real Bolton fan, or a new fan who discovered Michael on the Jack Sparrow video will win the basket!!!!  We will see!!!  Thanks for all the good wishes!!!  :)


Helena  xxx


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