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As I mentioned in an earlier thread back in June.....I belong to The Knight of Columbus (I'm a Columbiette) here in New York.  Twice a year in June and November, the Columbiettes have a Luncheon/Fundraiser at our council.  We raffle off many cool prizes, that the members donate and we also receive donations from various stores and individuals.  We raffle off money prizes, gift baskets, tickets to baseball games....just to name a few.  The money we collect goes to various charites which include St. Jude's Children's Hospital, MDA and others. 

Since Michael was nice enough to sign so many copies of "Gems", I was able to get an extra copy of it along with the T-shirt, to give away as a small prize for the fundraiser.  I was going to created a small gift basket with Gems and a few other MB items.  But then my wee friend Sylvia, was nice enough to volunteer to help me out with my idea and is sending me lots of goodies to go into the basket!!!  Now my little basket has turned into a big basket!!!!!   I have purchased a real nice size basket and have the cellophane wrapping paper as well.  Some of the items we are adding into the basket, include various CD's of Michael, the Lee Randall book, magnet, key chain and at least one 45 record to give the basket a "music" feel.  I have purchased a set of 3 scented candles....each candle is black with a swirl design and they each have one word on them "Sing", "Dance" and "Love".  Later on, I plan to buy some chocolates and a Christmas Beanie Baby to gift the basket a "Christmas feel" as well.  Sylvia is still in the works on sending me various items, so this basket will really look like a "Gem" of a gift when it's finally all together!!!! 

It is really fun and exciting....putting this Gift Basket together with Sylvia, and I hope the person who wins it is a real Bolton fan who will appreciate it!!!!!   I will take a few pictures of it once it's together (that will be in November), and post it here so everyone can see it.

Just wanted to share this with all of you!!!  And a big Thank You to the Wee one for all her help!!!!!    :)




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I don't know what to say, but that is a job WELL done!

Wish I could be there to have a chance to win it realy is beautiful

Thanks for sharing with us

Love Dianna xxx

Wish you were here with us too Dianna!!!  Hope a real "Bolton" fan win's it!!!!   :)



Helena  xxx  

Well Gang, here are the pictures of the "Michael Bolton Gift Basket".....YAY!!!!!!!   I have to say, I almost freaked out....the cellophane wrap bag was not large enough for the basket!!!!!  Luckly, I had two bags....so with mom's help, I cut and stapled the two bags nicely together and then added the bows and tag at the top.  Whew.....what a relief!!!!!   Thank god that worked out ok!!!!  I really liked finding the Godiva chocolates that are also called "Gems".  Talk about finding something when you are not looking for it....LOL!!!!  Hope you all like my "Gem" of a basket and I hope the winner enjoys it too!!!!  And don't worry.....I won't try to win back my own basket....LOL!!!!!   But I do hope to win something!!!   :) 

Thanks again to Sylvia for all the items that she also contributed to the basket!!!!  As far as I'm concerned, Sylvia is a real "Gem" too!!!!!   Grazie mia Cara Amica!!!!  


Helena  xx

Hey Helena, I'm glad everything worked out sweetie, including your camera! :D I agree Sylvia is a gem and best of luck with your fundraiser sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

First of all thanks for your kind words Sylvie and Helena !! :)   


What can I say about that basket that started off as a "wee, wee one".....remember that Helena for that was all it was going to be and boy look at it now !! LOL.   Oh Helena it is absolutely beautiful, absolutely beautiful and the pictures you have taken are second to none and thanks so, so much for taking and posting on here - thanks Helena !!! :)   Can I buy a raffle ticket or a few !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.    I also love the frame you got for "that" picture and I must admit the way you have placed the others ....it just looks absolutely perfect, perfect and as you say that packet of sweets that says "gems" - OMG that just finishes it off - wonderful !!! :)   WELL DONE YOU !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Wow!!! Thats incredible Helena...very well done to you.


How much are you selling raffle tickets for?  I hope you sell loads!!


Good luck!!



Thanks for the compliments, girls!!!!   :) 

Jennifer....the raffle tickets for all the gift baskets on display, cost $5.00 for 6 tickets.  When we buy the tickets, we write out our name and table number where we are sitting, and they call them out that way.  We walk around the tables and drop our ticket into a bag, that is placed near the basket you would like to win!!   We can buy as many tickets as we want, to increase the chance of winning!!  Of course they sell other tickets for other prizes....money prizes, gift certificates, Christmas items, etc....  I will bring my camera and take some pictures around the room, so you girls will have an idea of how it looks.

You are right Sylvia, it did start out as a "wee" idea, and turned out to be a real grand gift!!!  I am so glad that I was able to make it look presentable, since this is the first time I put together a Gift Basket in my life!!  Also glad I figured out the camera and putting the pictures on the internet too.....wow, first time for everything....LOL!!!  

Well tomorrow is the big day!!!   I know we will sell tickets like crazy, so we should make a nice amount of money for the various charities, I'm sure!!!  The weather is to be nice too.....a bit chilly in the 50's, but at least no rain...so that is a plus!!!    :)

Helena  xx 

You know I wish you good luck and hope that "little" basket sells plenty of tickets for the charities and I hope too you and your mom have a wonderful day.......looking forward to more pictures and here just for you because of all those "firsts" one big huge .......

Sylvia.   La tua amica wee Scottish

Thanks wee one!!!   :)

Helena  xx

Hi, Helena and Sylvia

WOW !!! Its a beautiful and complete basket

I hope the girl wins this one  appreciatte it......

like if were one of us. Congrats !!!

Take care


Thanks Mariu!!!   Look on for more pictures.....

Helena xx

Ok.....here is a general look at the table with all the gift baskets.....lot's of goodies for sure!!!   :)   Helena  xx


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