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As I mentioned in an earlier thread back in June.....I belong to The Knight of Columbus (I'm a Columbiette) here in New York.  Twice a year in June and November, the Columbiettes have a Luncheon/Fundraiser at our council.  We raffle off many cool prizes, that the members donate and we also receive donations from various stores and individuals.  We raffle off money prizes, gift baskets, tickets to baseball games....just to name a few.  The money we collect goes to various charites which include St. Jude's Children's Hospital, MDA and others. 

Since Michael was nice enough to sign so many copies of "Gems", I was able to get an extra copy of it along with the T-shirt, to give away as a small prize for the fundraiser.  I was going to created a small gift basket with Gems and a few other MB items.  But then my wee friend Sylvia, was nice enough to volunteer to help me out with my idea and is sending me lots of goodies to go into the basket!!!  Now my little basket has turned into a big basket!!!!!   I have purchased a real nice size basket and have the cellophane wrapping paper as well.  Some of the items we are adding into the basket, include various CD's of Michael, the Lee Randall book, magnet, key chain and at least one 45 record to give the basket a "music" feel.  I have purchased a set of 3 scented candles....each candle is black with a swirl design and they each have one word on them "Sing", "Dance" and "Love".  Later on, I plan to buy some chocolates and a Christmas Beanie Baby to gift the basket a "Christmas feel" as well.  Sylvia is still in the works on sending me various items, so this basket will really look like a "Gem" of a gift when it's finally all together!!!! 

It is really fun and exciting....putting this Gift Basket together with Sylvia, and I hope the person who wins it is a real Bolton fan who will appreciate it!!!!!   I will take a few pictures of it once it's together (that will be in November), and post it here so everyone can see it.

Just wanted to share this with all of you!!!  And a big Thank You to the Wee one for all her help!!!!!    :)




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Just wanted to add....there were other tables around the room with many other prizes to win!!!  This table was just for the gift baskets.   :)

There's our basket Wee One....in the middle of the pack!!!   :)

A close up......   :)

Another view of the table....

This is Paula.....the lucky winner!!!!!!   And I'm happy to say, she is a real die hard Michael Bolton fan!!!!!!  She was so thrilled......my mom told me, she heard her speaking in the ladies room to someone, telling them she didn't care is she won anything else.....her heart was set on winning the MB basket and she did!!!!   LOL!!!!  Congrat's to Paula!!!!   :)

Last but not least, here was a last minute picture of myself and my mother before we headed home.    Since I was the youngest one sitting at our table, I got the Christmas tree that looks like a dunce hat.....LOL!!!!  Lucky me....not!!!!!   Mom an I didn't win anything, but we had a nice time.   The food was good and we had some nice ladies sitting at our table.  Maybe we will get lucky at the next fundraiser, which will be held in June.   :)

Helena xx

Helena thanks so much for sharing your pics with us and good on Paula I am so very happy that a Michael Bolton fan won it :)

Looks like you had a good turn out and you and your Mum sounded like you had a great time it doesn't matter that you didn't win there's always next time.

The gift is in giving really and you and Sylvia both gave so it truly is a wonderful gesture and I hope you all raised alot of money for the charities

Thanks again for sharing with us

Love Dianna xxx



You and your mum look so much alike :)

 Good job well done xxx

Thanks Dianna!!  Paula was so thrilled that she won, she was hugging the basket in front of me....LOL!!!  Her mom thanked me for creating the basket, since Paula is such a huge fan and was really hoping to win it!!  I told them about Sylvia and that some of the items came from Scotland and London (from Sylvia's trip), and they thought that was really cool!!

True....as the saying goes "It is better to give than to receive".  We enjoy the fundraisers anyway, but winning something is also a nice treat.  :)

I know....mom and I do look alike...LOL!!  It's strange seeing her without glasses now, since she had cataract surgery recently.  :)


Helena xx 

OMG what can I say to all of that, except - WOW !!!!!!! lol.    All those pictures and especially the one of Paula with the basket and to hear that she is a FAN of MB's - WOW again !!!!! lol.   Hope you found out if she is a "lurker" or not  and if not hope you gave her directions on to here !!!!!!!!!! LOL.    Thanks also have to go for your label and my name on and for you taking a picture of - that was real special seeing that - thanks Helena !! :)   Now for all of you.....I know it will mean very little to you .....but when I saw that label my immediate reaction was; "oh S**T !!!"  for none of you know and neither does Helena but 27 sure means a lot to me.....so much so it is one of my lottery numbers on each and every game I play and when buying any raffle ticket I try and see if that is available.....I know the significance is only for me but just thought I would share that useless piece of information and I hope now, if not before, that that number really means something to Paula too !!! :)  

I just want to say that ALL your pictures Helena are beautiful and thanks so much for taking them and sharing them on here for to see all the baskets laid out like that is pretty terrific it must be a really beautiful, colourful spectacle when you walk into the room and see for first time; organizers do a damn good job there that is well seen !! :)   Now how about this June basket being called "Summertime with "Mr. Hot" - MB !!"...printing off pictures already !!!!!! LOL. LOL LOL.

Lastly, but by no means least, thanks a million for putting in the picture of you and your mom......you said about looking like your mom and boy were you right and your mom looks terrific Helena, absolutely wonderful.......just great of you to have shared such a picture with us - lovely and hey, that little "Christmas tree" doesn't look too bad....put plenty of decorations round it so that you hide it and then it will look just fine !!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Thanks again Helena and as I said before ...WELL DONE YOU !! :)


Sylvia.   La tua amica wee Scottish. 

Well Wee One, Paula is not a "lurker".  I got the impression that she did not realize that Michael has a web site.  You know, there must be lots of people who may love a singer, actor or any celebrity, but don't take the time to see if they have a web site or if they are on Facebook.  Maybe that she knows now...she may join the fun!!!   The number 27, was the basket number....not sure how many baskets they had all together.  They may have announced it, but I might have missed it.  But glad that is a lucky number for you!!!!   :)

As far as the June fundraiser is concerned, I will connect with you in the new year after the holidays have passed.  Now I have my mind on Chirstmas gifts, cards, decorating, etc....   A busy time of the year for sure....LOL!!!

Well we should have taken the picture before we had lunch.  I think we both needed to fix up our make-up before taking that picture....LOL!!!  I was so busy running around the place, I didn't think of taking a picture of us till we were leaving....oh well!!!  :)  I have some Christmas parties coming up, so will take some nicer pictures of us later on.....

Thanks again Sylvia, and well done to the both of us!!!!   Thanks Sylvie for your compliments too!!!!


Helena  xx

Thanks Helena and thanks too, although possibly not deliberate, but for validating the fact that I keep publizing Michael and everything he does on FB and going "public" with it for, although many fans like us are well aware that Michael has a page on FB and a website, there are still many who don't and they are the ones that, obviously, my posts are aimed primarily at and always have been !! :)

Hey you, nothing wrong with that photo of you and your mom.......on second thoughts maybe you could have done with combing your hair and touching up the make-up and the lipstick but it doesn't really matter what you look like for your mum looks fantastic...nobody is looking at you Helena so you don't have to bother  !!!!!!!!!! ROFL   OMG was that one of those flower pots on your steps that you threw at me for I can assure you it hit me and I now have two of those "Kathy" black eyes !!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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