I'm posting these pictures here because they are posted on the public facebook page of Michael. Hopefully they will also be added to the main site here but until they do I felt those who haven't seen Amelia Rose it was time:



This is Michael's mother, Helen with he and Amelia Rose (Millie)




This is a 4 generation picture:  Helen, Taryn, Michael and Amelia Rose



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THANKS for posting them here for us all to see Gail. I just found them in my news feed on Facebook.. LOVE THEM! It's very generous of Michael and his family to share them with all of us!!

Amelia is too precious!!!!!
Robin :)
aww yes Thank you Gail. I saw them on facebook too. They are gorgeous pictures aren't they.
Really lovely of Michael to share them.

Love Deb xx
thanks Gail, I didn't see the photos before, BEAUTIFUL, THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with love

You can see Michael has fallen completly in love.Who can blame him .Taryn looks fab .xx
What a precious sight - God bless them all. I see Amelia was all decked out for trick or treat! Easy to see she has "G" wrapped around her little finger already! Love to Michael and his entire family.,
Hello Gail and the others, The photos are wonderful !!! I also see these on Facebook profil of MIchael, 2 hours ago... Very very nice little girl and the women are so beautiful !!! Thank's for sharing your sweety feeling, Michael Hugs Bye BD
Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Thank you Michael for sharing them with us! Amelia Rose is just what you would expect her to be.......perfect!
Enjoy your granddaughter, Michael.....these days go by so quickly. Anne Summerhayes, from Canada
Thanks so much Gail,
Welcome to the world Ameilia Rose :)
Look at the hair isn't she beautiful I think from what I can see she looks like Taryn
Taryn you look fanastic as well
Helen Congratulations you look terrific and so happy.
Michael what can I say I know exactly how your feeling and it's hard to descibe but love is a four letter word that just doesn't seem enough :)
Lovely picture thanks for sharing
Love Dianna xxx
Thanks so much Gail,
GRAZIE ciao cristina
Thanks, Gail! I think it's absolutely fantastic that MB shared these with us! All of them are glowing with love and happiness.

Wonderful pictures...thanks for sharing!! Left a message on the main page. :)

These pictures with MIchael's comments are now on the main page of this site as well!!! Gail


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