I'm posting these pictures here because they are posted on the public facebook page of Michael. Hopefully they will also be added to the main site here but until they do I felt those who haven't seen Amelia Rose it was time:



This is Michael's mother, Helen with he and Amelia Rose (Millie)




This is a 4 generation picture:  Helen, Taryn, Michael and Amelia Rose



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Thank you Gail for posting these pictures, they are beautiful, Amelia Rose is the image of Taryn, I love the 4 generation picture.
It,s kind of Michael to share them with us.

Love Sandra x
Thanks Gail,
The pictures are wonderful. Do you know yet what Michael wants the baby to call him?
Thanks Gail! We can always count on you :) I love the extra photo included in this series. Simply delightful!!

Much love to all the Bolotin family and congratualtions once again!!!

KAthy and LAFD Bob
Thank You Gail.

How precious. Thank you Gail for posting them.



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