This is for all you Pavarotti fans...and Bolton fans too!

Hey gang,


I wanted to share this with all of you (especially Sylvie who loves opera!), in regards to the "Duets" thread that we having been discussing.  This is a video from Youtube of Renato Zero and Luciano during the "Pavarotti and Friends" concert of 1999.  Don't know if this was the one that Michael was in or not (guess I need to look at youtube again).  Anyway, wanted you all to have an idea what Renato Zero looks and sounds like.  They are singing one of Renato's big hits "Il Cielo", which means The Sky in Italian.  Would love to see Michael connect with Renato and for them to duet together since Michael likes to sing in Italian.  I hope this is the right link...if not just type Renato Zero and Luciano Pavarotti in the Youtube search area and it will come up.  There are many video's of Renato on Youtube and even his website  Enjoy!





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Hi Sylvie,

Really enjoyed the video's! It was great to hear Michael singing Caruso and Lucio Dalla was sitting in the audience...How great was that!! I sing that song to my brother sometimes, thought I don't know the words to the whole song. The song Solo Una Donna I'm not familar with, but Michael did a pretty good job singing the whole song it italian...Grande! Any idea who wrote that song? Thanks again for sharing! Hugs, Helena
Hey Helena, just checking E-mails before bed. Glad you enjoyed the videos. Oh wow, very cool about the songwriter to "Caruso" being in the audience! Well, as for "Only a woman like you", it was Shania Twain who wrote the lyrics and if I'm not mistaken, Max Martin wrote the music, but don't take that to the bank, although I'm sure Shania wrote the lyrics. Michael talked about it a lot during his 2002 promo tour. Oh Helena, you have to get that CD! Well, eventually, I guess... :) The first song off that CD called "Dance with me" was also done in a Spanish version called "Baila conmigo" and it's very very cool. I wonder if they have it on Youtube... Okay, I'll get off before I start dispensing other facts like the song being part of the movie "Snow Dogs" and Michael also doing a cameo in the movie! lol Good night Helena, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hey Sylvie,

Forgot to tell you last night, when I saw Lucio Dalla's concert I was able to get his autograph! After the show I saw him outside the theatre (It was at the Beacon Theatre in NYC) going into the limo. The limo had to stop since the light changed from Green to Red, I bought a copy of his CD at the theatre, so I ripped the wrapping off got out a pen, went quickly to the limo. He was nice to roll the window down, take the CD signed it and shook my hand! Another guy ran over and did the same.. then the light changed to green and Lucio gave me my pen back before driving away. Such a great guy!! Will never forget that! I also have Zucchero's and Antonello Venditti's autographs too. I'm only disapointed that I never got Renato's autograph or even took a picture with him the time I was in Italy. Well...guess we can't have everything we want in life, but Renato is still numero uno for me!! Hope you are doing well today...Hugs, Helena

Hi MB fans and opera fans, I just wanted to share that my husband found this CD on called “Puccini's Greatest Hit: The Ultimate Nessun Dorma”. It was released in 2007 and includes 17 versions of "Nessun dorma" by popular tenors from several generations and our Michael is on it! Très cool! I just had to share, take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada



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