Hi guys,
As I've seen many of you lucky people have had the luxury of meeting Michael, I was wondering how much the meet and greet packages are along with the ticket and what the package includes.
The reason I ask is I've always wanted to meet him and go and see him live again, my mum has always loved him too, but has never seen him live, I'm thinking of treating her to see him and and hopefully a meet and greet if that's possible as she has had a really tough year and has just completed her final chemotherapy, so as a celebration and a treat I wanted to do this for her, it's just whether I can save up enough, hopefully we would go to the Manchester show in April.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Chelsea xx

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Hi Chelsea and here is a link which takes you into the Gigs & Tour site and I've brought the page up for Manchester and they do still have both types of VIP packages available.  It shows you price plus what each contains.  Believe it is only with the Miracle Package (dearer one) that you are guaranteed a one-to-one with Michael and it is only with that one that you get a photo with him. In the VIP package it doesn't even mention you meeting him.  

Have to say a lot of the venues are selling out Chelsea for Southend-on-Sea is sold out and Birmingham is coming very close to being sold out too for their site is showing they only have one seat left.  Know too Liverpool and Glasgow are doing well also so as far as you having time to still save I would say you will need to save quickly although, obviously, I could be totally wrong and there might still be ones available on day of show but I sure wouldn't be taking the chance if I really wanted one.  Good luck and hope your mum continues to do well Chelsea.   

Here is link into Gigs & Tours ......  http://www.gigsandtours.com/event/michael-bolton/o2-apollo/918568

Here too is link into Ticketmaster page for Michael  ......  http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search...

Just to say have checked Ticketmaster site for Magical Package and they do not have any for Manchester only VIP.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks very much Sylvia, you've been a great help xx

Hope everything works out for you Chelsea !!! :)

Sylvia YWSF 27


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