Hi all,


not sure where else to post this so feel free to correct me. As I'm 8 weeks away from being a father, I have had to take down all my lovely canvas artwork to paint the baby room. Amongst three AMAZING Joker (Heath Ledger) canvasses (also for sale), is one phenomenal Time, Love & Tenderness album cover canvas that I am loathed to see leave me but it will just sit in the garage if no one has it, so it's best to go to a good home.

It's about 24" x 24" in size and it in MINT condition. I paid just over £120 for it so I am willing to listen to offers if anyone wants to take it off my hands.


I'll post a picture tomorrow!


I hope everyone is well and excited about GEMS? I know I am!


Michael xx

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Look forward to seeing the canvas Michael and can I congratulate you on being "nearly" a father and to say, yes, we all are looking forward to "Gems" sounds as though it is going to be a more than interesting CD !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Thanks Sylvia that's really nice. Exciting year all round!


Michael x

Hi Michael, good luck with the sale of your canvas. Wow, sounds like you’ll have your own little “gem” around father’s day too, congratulations to you and your wife on your future blessed event! :D I think you’ve posted in the right place sweetie, since it’s MB related. This is more than I can personally afford, but I want to thank you for posting it here and offering it to the real fans before or instead of EBay! Good luck with everything sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thank you Sylvie!

I cannot wait :)

To be honest I'd happily accept around £70-80 for it.


Take care :) Michael x

Hi again Michael, sweetie, if I could afford that, I'd find a way to go to an MB concert instead! :D I wish I could take it off your hands but money's tighter than before here. It's really too bad because I have a brand new room to myself where it would fit perfectly! lol As I've said before, good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Wow!! That sounds like a really lovely item to own Michael and something that would sit quite nicely in my collection. It's very tempting!!!!


Trouble is, I'm currently auctioning off some of my items to raise funds for the UK fan reception and will be placing a few of them on e-bay soon. Such a shame, your canvas would have made a beautiful display on my wall too. :(


Good luck becoming a Daddy in a few weeks. thats wonderful news.


Good luck,


Love Jennifer XX




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