Tre has asked me to post this so you can help his school continue their music program.   Please vote online daily between October 5th-November 1st. Log onto: to help Littlerock Music Progrom win this much needed grant to help keep music in our school!!


Tre said to tell you thank you from the bottom of his heart!!



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Everyone...Tre has asked me to ask you again to PLEASE vote for his school to win this scholarship. For those of you who don't know or remember Tre he was the precussionist in Michael's band for years. He is a sweetheart. He now has his own band, travels with Gladys Knight AND is the precussion director in his local high school..Littlerock High. You can vote for his school once a day until November 1st and they win a grant of $50,000 for their would mean so much to Tre and his band to get this come on lets all vote each day to get this for him. Here is the link to the school. You need to sign up and then sign in each time you vote. The school you put in the search box is Littlerock (all one word). Let's help Tre get this!!

Thanks, Gail
Voted Gail! I wish them luck!!!
Robin :)
I've been voting! Everybody needs to share this link with all their friends, and encourage them to vote daily:

If everyone on this board votes every day, we could have Tre's school at #1 really quick!
I have been voting everyday but I missed yesterday :(
Love Dianna xxx
Said this a.m. they are ranked #29!!!! We are getting them there!!!
Robin :)
Trey's school is now ranked 17th! Going in the right direction guys!!
Robin :)
We sure are Robin
Good going guys :)
Love Dianna xxx
Keep voting...each day don't forget to go vote....thanks!! Gail
Now ranked 13 ,we are getting him there.xx
Still ranked 13th.. Please everyone vote to get this grant for Tre's school. We only have 1 week left to vote!!!
Robin :)
Well were in 10th place at the moment

I had a look at the winner so far Metrolina Christian academy and they have 108502 votes
although second place does have 107880 votes and that's Capistrano Valley High School

3rd place is Zimmerman School House DBA ABI'S Place and they have 74881

we are 10th :( and have 17372 votes

there were 1489 schools and about 60 of them had 0 votes :(

Just for the curious people

Love Dianna xxx

Still voting though!
just voted for tre


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