Tre has asked me to post this so you can help his school continue their music program.   Please vote online daily between October 5th-November 1st. Log onto: to help Littlerock Music Progrom win this much needed grant to help keep music in our school!!


Tre said to tell you thank you from the bottom of his heart!!



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Sure, No problem, will do!! Thanks Gail!
Robin :)
Thanks Gail,
Many schools are loosing the music programs due to State cutbacks. It's a shame, because our youth of today need more to gain them knowledge in the Music industry. We have so much up and coming talent, that needs to be challenged, to become greater than the previous to make it as Stars. I will vote for Littlerock.

It's such a great cause, working in school I know how important music is to the kids!!I will vote!

Love Eileen!!!!
Thanks Gail.
I will vote, no problem.
It's a great cause.

Deb xx
I was going to come and post this, but I see Gail beat me to it ;) I know Tre will greatly appreciate everyone's support, so everyone pass the link to all your friends and family!

BTW, if anyone is wondering what Tre is up to these days, I had the opportunity to see him recently. He is playing with Gladys Knight, and having a blast! He loves the gig, and Gladys loves him :) So, if she comes to your area, try and go see the show, I'm sure Tre would love to see some familiar faces.

Some pictures I took of Tre & Gladys:
Hi Caren, My friend June saw him a while back touring with Gladys in NJ.. He's doing great isn't he!!!
I really miss him not being up there with MB anymore! Hope to get to see him too one of these days!
Robin :)
Definitely go, if you get the chance! Gladys is a class act, and Tre is as entertaining to watch as always :)
hi gail thank you for this if it is poss to do this from the uk .i will do it for tre hes a great guy
Todays the day to start voting .Just reminder You have to register to vote.Its page 78 and they are littlerock school .xx
Started my voting too.

Deb xx
You can vote for Tre's school now:
Okay Gail I have it on my facebook now :)
Love Dianna xxx


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