Tre Balfour was a very popular member of the in early/mid 2000's.

His brother had a son called (Lil) Ronnie. Ronnie excelled at school and was a Champion wrestler. Unfortunately he contracted Leukemia and despite a valiant fight and defiant attitude he lost his battle today :(

Please give a shout out to an amazing friend of the fanbase and his family at this very difficult time.

Thank you.

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Yes Tre is a great friend to all of us Catherine.

I was so sorry to just hear this too. Sending my thoughts and prayers to Tre and his family at this time. He has my sympathy with the loss of his nephew.


Robin in MD:)

Oh that is sad news....didn't realize it had come back as quickly as that for the last time I saw Tre talking about Ronnie was when he had been told it had gone into sad !!

Thanks for letting us know Catherine.


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


Oh how sad, thank you for letting us know Catherine. Gail

tre my forever frend im  so sorry about ronnie. my love and prays to u all .love jo xxx

Although I do not know exactly who this member is, it doesn't matter...I know all too well the Pain he & his family are going see I too lost my nephew to this dreadful I'm sending my thoughts & prayers to you All...keep those good memories...and Keep the Faith!


Mary (meg's mom)!

Very sad news...I am so sorry Tre. Please find comfort in all your family memories :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Tre I am so very sorry for you and your family may you find the comfort and strength from each other to get though this time.


It's absolutely tragic isnt it. Such a young ands vibrant young man struck down and taken in his prime.

Tre was a huge part of the 'Bolton band family' for such a long time, it almost feels like one of our own has been taken.

Thank you for letting us know about Tre's nephew Catherine.

My thoughts and prayers are with Tre's family and also for 'Lil' Ronnies friends who will miss their friend and valuable team member.



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